GTA 6 leaker reveals major Warzone 2-style upgrade for Vice City

Michael Gwilliam
gta 6 water leak

A Rockstar Games insider has revealed a major engine upgrade coming to GTA 6 that could be very similar to Warzone 2.

GTA 6 is already one of the most hyped games of all time and players across the globe are anxiously awaiting official news from the game.

With Rockstar remaining mum about the next installment in the GTA series, fans have been forced to rely heavily on leaks and this latest one from Aleix Venturas has them very excited.

According to the insider, Rockstar San Diego has a team of around twenty engineers revamping water physics in GTA 6 that will blow everything else, for a lack of a better term, out of the water.

Leak claims GTA will have advanced water physics and surfing

In a thread on Twitter, Venturas explained how it would be correct to call the water in GTA 6 “ahead of its time” and it’s all because of how successful GTA Online has been.

“Thanks to the colossal revenues that GTA Online has brought to Take-Two Interactive since 2013, the businessmen of the parent company of Rockstar Games have decided to invest in a new technology and integrate it into GTA 6,” he explained.

The insider went on to share a visual representation of what the water would look like with “ultra” graphics and noted how it’s likely the aquatic environment will occupy an important place in the new game.

Venturas further added that this new technology will allow for all new types of sports to be played such as surfboarding and other water-based activities.

GTA 6 isn’t the first game to make a big deal about water. Warzone 2, for instance, features a ton of hidden underwater loot and some users even complained that swimming was overpowered.

We’ll have to see if this leak ends up being true and if Rockstar can make swimming or surfing around Vice City a fun integral part of the upcoming game when it finally comes out.