First GTA 6 character potentially revealed by actor

Rockstar Games

The first character from GTA 6 has seemingly been revealed thanks to an actor’s resume that appears to confirm that the game is definitely in the works.

UPDATE – April 1 at 3:30 PM

The actor Jorge Consejo has since removed GTA 6 from his resume, suggesting that Rockstar may have told the actor to remove the listing from his website.

Original story below:

While many Grand Theft Auto fans continue to play GTA V and GTA Online, there are plenty who are desperate for any sort of news or teaser about GTA 6. 

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So much so, that after a supposed insider claimed that something was happening on March 25, parts of the GTA fanbase went into override with excitement. Unfortunately for them, however, nothing happened. Yet, it appears as if the first character for the game has been revealed right under their noses – with an actor’s resume letting information run free. 

Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto fans have been awaiting news about GTA 6 for quite some time now.

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The resume in question comes from Mexican actor Jorge Consejo who lists himself as working on a CGI role for GTA VI back in 2018. 

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According to Consejo’s own listing, he plays a character known only as The Mexican – without a full name, location, or any other sort of detail being listed as additional information. Yet, seeing as the role was played back in 2018, it appears as if GTA 6 is actually in development. 

Jorge Consjo
Consejo’s resume lists GTA 6 as being in the works.

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Some parts of the rabid Grand Theft Auto fanbase seemingly uncovered the information back in 2019, as the actor playfully acknowledged a tweet about his involvement with the game. 

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He followed that up on March 27, noting that “because of contract stipulations sometimes I’m unable to comment on certain projects,” which would suggest that he is under a non-disclosure agreement for his work. 

Though, as he can’t comment on it, it’s hard to confirm as to whether or not he’s actually talking about GTA 6 or any other projects he has in the works – even though the timing would suggest he is talking about Grand Theft Auto.

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While there is still no confirmation from Rockstar themselves that the game is in development, it appears clear that it is thanks to Consejo. 

All that is left now is to wait for the confirmation about the name of the game, location, story, and a release date – though some have claimed that will all come before the end of March. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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