GTA 6 game size and time period revealed by Rockstar Games insider

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 locations and event details leaked

Even more information about GTA 6 has been revealed, including the game’s size compared to other titles and its time period.

Following an initial report by Bloomberg revealing that GTA 6 would feature the series’ first female protagonist along with new missions and cities added post launch, reporter Jason Schreier shed new info on the game.

Rockstar has been mum about GTA 6 for quite some time now. Despite the company revealing that the project has been “well underway” and resources have been pulled from other projects for it to “exceed expectations,” not much else has been officially stated.

Now, after a bombshell report about GTA 6 and how Rockstar has made changes to be more politically correct (as theorized by one of the company’s founders) new information about the upcoming game has been revealed.

GTA 6 to take place in modern times and might have flashbacks

In a series of posts on Reddit discussing his GTA 6 report, Jason Schreier was asked about the game and what time period it would be set in.

“As far as I know, the main game is set in modern times,” he wrote, but didn’t rule out the possibility that players could be jumping around a bit. “I can’t rule out any flashbacks or excursions.”

Of course, GTA 5 began quite a few years before the start of the main story, so it’s possible that Rockstar does something similar with GTA 6 at some point.

This also should put to rest any rumors of the game taking place during the 70sm 80s, 90s, or early 2000s as some have suggested.

GTA 6 rockstar games update
GTA 6 will reportedly be set during modern times.

How big will GTA 6 be compared to other GTA games?

Schreier also replied to fans curious about GTA 6’s size, especially given how Rockstar reportedly plans to grow the game over time.

According to the reporter, while anything can still change between now and the release, the Rockstar employees he’s talked to say it will be huge, just like prior entries in the series.

“The people I’ve talked to say it’s just as big as previous games. More depth than breadth, maybe,” he remarked.

We’ll have to see what Rockstar has planned in the months ahead as they gear up to finally reveal GTA 6 after years of speculation and rumors.