GTA Trilogy players think they solved the ‘GTA 6’ house screenshot mystery

Michael Gwilliam
GTA 6 screenshot

A secret behind a potential GTA 6 screenshot hidden within GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition may finally have been solved after almost a week of speculation.

GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition has been a buggy, incomplete mess since launch, leading to Rockstar Games offering an apology for releasing it in such a state.

Despite the collection being panned by fans and critics alike, that hasn’t stopped users from exploring every nook and cranny of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas for new Easter eggs and one took the internet by storm.

A picture of a mysterious modern house with a UFO flying overhead has many believing it’s the first-ever screenshot of GTA 6. But is it really?

GTA 6 easter egg in san andreas
One of these things is not like the others.

Mystery of the GTA 6 San Andreas screenshot

If players visit the Lil’ Probe’Inn in San Andreas, they will find numerous photos from GTA 5 and other Rockstar Games hits with UFOs in the background. One image, however, doesn’t seem to be from a game that has been released.

As such, speculation mounted with users trying to find the exact location, even trying to search for a real world house that could line up with that was found at the Lil’ Probe’Inn.

Players quickly determined that the house was in Florida – a big red flag as many rumors have suggested that GTA 6 will see a return to Vice City.

Vice City confirmed for GTA 6?

Now, days later, the house in question seems to have been found, and sure enough, it’s a Miami home.

Igrobar on the GTAForums pointed out several similarities between the screenshot and the real world house on Google Maps including how the trees aligned, the homes are nearly one-to-one in shape and there are no other buildings.

“I’m 200 percent sure Rockstar teases us with GTA 6 and the city of Miami in it,” they added. “And it’s also clear that Rockstar added something of their own, like 2 palm trees in the center and flower beds.”

GTA 6 box art
Rockstar may have begun teasing GTA 6.

It’s not unusual for game companies to use real-world landmarks and settings for their games. Plus, it seems rather odd for Rockstar to just use a picture of Miami when the rest of the photos on the wall are from GTA or Red Dead Redemption.

While this isn’t a full confirmation by any means, the general consensus from fans is that the photo is from somewhere in Miami.

With GTA 5 releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles in 2022, it’s possible there are more GTA 6 clues to be discovered as anticipation for the next installment in the GTA series continues to mount.

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