GTA 6 leaker claims to reveals characters and story details

GTA Online characters in suits walking towards screen with GTA 6 logoRockstar Games

A GTA 6 leaker has claimed to reveal some fresh details on the game’s characters and stories, and it lines up somewhat with other previous leaks.

After staying silent on GTA 6 for the longest time, Rockstar Games have finally confirmed that development is well underway on the next installment to the iconic sandbox franchise.

While the developers have yet to reveal any details about the location, characters, or overall story, there have been plenty of claims made by supposed leakers and insiders. At this stage, it seems like GTA 6 will take players back to Vice City, where they will be involved in a pretty major crime war – possibly across multiple continents.

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One of the other big claims made about GTA 6 is that Rockstar will finally add a female main character to the mix, but it looks like there will be others as well.

GTA Online character with a car and houseRockstar Games
There have been plenty of rumors about GTA 6, but nothing official has been revealed.

The new claim comes from Twitter user Matheusbr9895_, who has become a go-to source for main Grand Theft Auto fans as they’ve been dropping a few hints about GTA 6 and GTA Online changes.

According to the supposed insider, Rockstar will apparently have siblings as the main characters for GTA 6. “The idea that Rockstar Games proposed was the story of 2 brothers – 1 male and 1 female – who separated after their parents were killed, in the Prologue in 2003,” they tweeted on April 2.

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Matheus also appeared to shut down the idea that the game will span several decades, but will rather be a more modern take on things like GTA 5. Though, he claims that we’ll have to wait until 2024 for more.

While the Twitter user has been reliable before, it is still worth taking things with a pinch of salt at this point.

Rockstar has yet to drop any concrete details about what they’re working on, only acknowledging the name GTA 6 a handful of times. So, it remains a game of wait and see.

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