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Former Rockstar employee predicts likely GTA 6 release date

Published: 30/Jan/2020 16:34

by Scott Robertson


Former producer for Rockstar San Diego and games industry veteran Darion Lowenstein has given his prediction for when Grand Theft Auto fans should expect the sixth installment of the iconic series. He also addressed the rumor that we could see a trailer as early as February.

Tracking GTA 6 rumors has become more challenging than finding a GTA Online lobby without hackers in it. Potential rumors and hints have emerged from past voice actors, stuntmen, retailers, job listings, financial records, and more. And that’s just in 2020 alone.

More fuel has been added to the fire since all that, with a former veteran of Rockstar weighing in on when he expects the game to make its long-awaited debut.


Rockstar Games
GTA players have been trying to heist information regarding GTA 6 for months.

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In a talk with Jefferies equity research firm, as first reported by the Daily Star, Lowenstein said his “absolute best-case-scenario” for a GTA 6 release is Holiday 2021, and that he does not expect an immediate trailer or announcement coming soon, as earlier leaks reported.

In the research firm’s press release, they said that Rockstar’s founders and co-owners, Sam and Dan Houser, are “placing all their emphasis on game quality rather than hitting a deadline.” This mirrors the sentiments of developers CD Projekt Red, who pushed back the release of the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 earlier this year.


While a Holiday 2021 release will surely be disappointing to fans, it does appear to be the most likely given that there has been no official announcement or trailer from Rockstar in any capacity.

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GTA 4 was released more than a year after the first trailer emerged and Rockstar announced GTA 5 more than two years before it came out.

GTA Online classic cars coming soon
Rockstar Games / Microsoft Studios
GTA 5 and its GTA Online service combine for one of the most grossing games of all time.

As with any leak, rumor, or statement from a previous employee, nothing is confirmed until we get the official word from Rockstar. But, if this estimate is to be believed, it would put to bed the notion of GTA 6 being pushed as a launch title for the next generation of consoles.


While Lowenstein hasn’t worked for Rockstar for over a decade, he’s a long-time veteran of the game development industry, having also worked for Activision Blizzard, EA, and Scopely. He currently works at Gamblit Gaming as Chief Marketing Officer.

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Compared to leaks and hints from voice actors and stuntmen, who would benefit from additional hype around the upcoming game, Lowenstein has nothing to gain from hyping up a GTA 6 release, apart from wanting the project to succeed as a previous developer.

While his prediction may not be what fans want to hear, it may prove to be the more reasonable one.