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First look at GTA Trilogy mobile revealed and players notice big difference

Published: 22/Nov/2021 18:40

by Michael Gwilliam


GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition players got their first look at the mobile version of the games and they are actually impressed by it.

Rockstar’s release of GTA Trilogy has been rocky, to say the least. GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas have all been panned by fans and critics, leading to massive refund requests.

Amid the controversy over the game’s look, gameplay, and bugs, Rockstar even offered an apology and went as far as gifting players the original versions of the games to compensate.

Now, with the mobile versions of the games will coming in 2022, players have gotten their first glimpse at what they’ll look like and unlike the console versions, it seems this may actually be well-received.


GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition mobile revealed

As showcased by Twitter user Tervel, players can find the mobile settings in an in-game file and can use it to play.

“This is how you can approximately expect the VC remaster to look like on mobile, if they don’t butcher it even further,” he wrote.

In a series of photos, he showed off how each of the games will look on iOS and fans were happy with the results, noting that the trilogy looked half decent on a phone.

“Not gonna lie, the game kinda looks great on mobile,” one user commented.

“Huh, doesn’t look bad, not bad at all. Hope it really keeps looking like this,” another surprised player remarked.


It’s unclear if these settings will perfectly match with the mobile games when they are eventually released or if they will be pushed back after the disastrous launch of the console versions.

Until then, however, we can only hope they’re improved even more and fans can have a port to be proud of.