Rockstar Games couldn’t even get their logo right in GTA Trilogy

Alec Mullins
Rockstar logo superimposed over an aerial view of Vice City

The release of Rockstar’s GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition has been a rocky one and a head-scratching detail found in the yard of a Vice City mansion has only stoked the flames even higher. 

Fans of the the iconic Grand Theft Auto Trilogy have been through a lot since the game’s release – from San Andreas’ nightmare fuel character models, to the sheer number of bugs that are plaguing all three titles – things have not been easy for anyone who wanted to enjoy the nostalgia of GTA’s past.

A new discovery in the upscale, Miami-inspired neighborhoods of Vice City hasn’t made things any better either, as it looks like Grove Street Games made a significant error when attempting to recreate the Rockstar logo in the new version of the game.

Botched Rockstar logo in GTA Trilogy

The Rockstar logo as it appears in Grand Theft Auto 5
The iconic Yellow and Black logo has served as the signature emblem of the franchise for a long time.

The logo-shaped pool is clearly intended to recreate the iconic Rockstar Games logo, but the problem comes when marking the difference between the physical version of the pool and the version shown on the minimap.

The addition of another point in the star transforms the logo entirely, making it more closely resemble the Star of David than the studio’s own logo.

Fans instantly noticed the design differences between the two versions, and the reactions have ranged from comical to outright disbelief.

One user commented on the potential permanence of the logo, saying: “This is the definitive edition. This logo is now canon. I await Rockstar’s correction to their current logo.”

Another added: “How could Rockstar let this happen with all their resources! Even if they didn’t make the game themselves, how could they publish this piece of garbage? I’m stunned.”

Rockstar has yet to acknowledge the growing list of complaints with the Definitive Edition release.

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