Colombian Netflix show accused of copying GTA Online artwork

. 10 months ago
Colombian Netflix show looks like GTA 5
Rockstar Games/Netflix

A new Colombian Netflix show has fans accusing it of copying GTA, as the series’ opening seems to be greatly inspired by Grand Theft Auto’s art style.

The loading screen and box cover artwork in GTA games is simply iconic, featuring characters from the game in a more cartoonish, stylized manner.

These shots have become synonymous with the series and have become somewhat of a motif, with each new entry adding its own twist on the iconic artwork.

Now, a new Netflix show called ‘El cartel de los sapos: El origen’ (The Snitch Cartel: Origins) has appeared to copy some of the GTA 5 art for its opening.

Users on Reddit spotted the similarities and posted some side-by-side shots from the Netflix show’s intro and GTA loading screens to showcase exactly what they believe was copied.

For instance, one shot with Michael holding a wad of cash seems to have been copied onto a character in The Snitch Cartel show, including the creases of his pants.

Some characters have seemingly been ripped from the world of GTA and tossed into this new show, as well, as another screen shows two eerily familiar female Rockstar characters alongside a gun-wielding man from the program.

Netflix TV show with GTA 5 art characters
Netflix/Rockstar Games
GTA on Netflix?!

Fans hit out at Netflix over GTA-style art

“As a designer, there are a few immediate things you look for in these sorts of situations to see just how much of the design was stolen from something else. More often than not, a designer will copy the form of something EXACTLY because they perceive it to be perfect,” a user on Reddit wrote.

“Holysh*t, anyone who plays GTA can tell it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the art. Rockstar should definitely sue, especially since it’s on Netflix lol,” another chimed in.

Amusingly, Netflix has shown an interest in GTA before. Back in April, Netflix France tweeted “GTA 6 is coming soon.”

GTA V and Colombian Netflix show
Netflix/Rockstar Games
The Netflix show looks like it’s from GTA V.

It’s unclear if the account was actually hinting at this Colombian show paying tribute to GTA, but it’s still quite a bizarre coincidence in any case.

If the series returns for more seasons, it will be interesting to see if they keep the intro or if they scrap it in favor of one with less obvious GTA-inspired imagery.

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