Netflix trolls players by announcing GTA 6 “coming soon”

GTA 6 on NetflixRockstar Games/Netflix

Netflix shocked fans across the globe when the TV and movie streaming provider revealed that the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 would be “coming soon” in a bizarre tweet.

On April 13, Netflix France randomly tweeted out “basically, GTA VI is coming soon” with zero context behind the message whatsoever.

Fans and insiders were confused by the tweet, as it seemed completely out of place for Netflix of all things to be announcing such an anticipated title.

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Rockstar insider Yan2295 simply responded “yes, but in fact no” to Netflix suggesting that the game is still quite far off.

One fan asked Netflix to clarify what they meant when they said Grand Theft Auto 6 would be “coming soon” and how long they’d have to wait.

Clearly trolling, Netflix responded by doubling down: “Between today and the end of the world, let’s see.”

When pressed by more fans about what they meant, the French account continued its antics. “That we risk waiting for the game for a while yet,” they replied with a laughing emoji.

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“It will arrive when it is ready, like a series, must be produced,” Netflix France further said.

While Netflix was clearly having a good time, it’s just salt in the wound for anyone expecting some actual news about the next installment in the GTA franchise to be announced soon.

Rockstar themselves have yet to even announce the game yet, but it’s already one of the biggest titles in video game history, sparking plenty of rumors, speculation and leaks.

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The newest of which stems from a job posting that seemed to suggest that GTA 6 will feature in-game media such as websites that characters can access. For some, this rules out the idea that the next game will be taking place in the 80s as some had previously expected.

Even notable insider Tom Henderson confirmed as much on Twitter when he claimed that the game would be set in modern day.

Nonetheless, hopefully we see some actual announcements from Rockstar soon. With GTA V and GTA Online set to rerelease on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021, there is a chance that GTA 6 could roll up a bit after.

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