Grand Theft Auto fan crashes live TV show to ask for GTA 6 release

Grand Theft Auto 6 game showRockstar Games, Manu9564

Grand Theft Auto 6 is shrouded in typical Rockstar Games secrecy and fans are growing so impatient for its release that they’re appearing on TV about it.

When will Grand Theft Auto 6 release? That’s the question that everyone has been asking, and continues to ask, on a daily basis. Grand Theft Auto 5 is due to release an ‘Expanded and Enhanced’ next-gen update this November, but otherwise, Rockstar are quiet.

The original trilogy is reportedly getting a modern makeover and fans are hyped to revisit classic locations.

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Yet, one fan is so tired of waiting for GTA 6 and took his need for more Rockstar goodness to new heights.

GTA 5 gameplayRockstar Games
GTA 5 is still receiving new content eight years after release.

Where is GTA 6?

While most fans are taking to the likes of Twitter to pine for GTA 6, others have bigger ideas. For one fan, it was time they took matters to grander levels. Tweeting 2870 characters or driving down the streets of Los Santos clearly wasn’t doing it. No, this called for something special.

Audience and crew members alike will no doubt have been surprised, when this unnamed fan spawned onto their set. Games show “Hit The Star” was going ahead as planned, or so they thought.

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Host Evelyn Burdecki became visibly confused when this enthusiastic fan stormed onto the stage. Speaking to the show’s moderator Elton, the fan simply asked: “Where the hell is GTA6? I’m still waiting for GTA6!”

“Please set a sign. Shout into the camera “Where is GTA 6?” the fan continued to plead. In an unexpected turn of events, Elton spoke of his own GTA 5 experiences: “I haven’t even finished GTA 5 yet.”

While the interaction was mainly jovial and harmless, the passionate GTA fan was quickly escorted off the premises. Grand Theft Auto players have taken kindly to the clip, offering their own jests on the bizarre event.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 has no official release date yet. Don’t forget to keep checking back in, as more developments unfold.

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