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Best GTA Online heists for cash rewards, ranked

Published: 16/Nov/2020 11:54

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online’s heists are the big moneymakers for players, but which ones are the most lucrative when it comes to the cash payouts? Well, look no further. 

If you really want to make your mark on Los Santos and GTA Online, you need cash. Cash is king after all, and it’ll open many doors for you and your ever-growing criminal empire. 

You can simply grind out jobs, sell a business’ stock, or win race after race to make money, but they don’t bring home the big bucks in the same way that heists do. 

GTA Online’s heists have become legendary thanks to the journey Rockstar Games takes players on in order to make the big money, but what are the best heists to actually do? Well, here, we’ve got the payout for each heist ranked from top to bottom. 

Diamond Casino Heist

Rockstar Games
The Diamond Casino heist can be tricky to navigate.

The most lucrative heist of the lot in GTA Online is the Diamond Casino Heist. In this job, you are able to ransack the vault of the Diamond Casino and Resort in different ways. 

The best part is, well, the score changes with each attempt so it doesn’t have to feel like you’re just grinding the same job over and over again. There’s always a different target at the end of the day. 

The ever-elusive Diamonds bring home the most cash, but after that, it’s all about Gold. Artwork and Cash are also worthwhile to steal, but you want the other two where possible. 

Doomsday Heists – The Doomsday Scenario & The Bogdan Problem

GTA online doomsday heist promo image
Rockstar Games
The Doomsday Heist jobs can get pretty wild.

After the Diamond Heist, the Doomsday Heists are the best in terms of rewards. They aren’t as lucrative as robbing the casino, but the payouts will still provide a nice boost to your Maze Bank account. 

The best of which is the Doomsday Scenario. This pays out around $1,500,000 on hard and $1,200,000 on normal. After that, the Bogdan Problem pays out well too, but there is a drop off from the final mission. 

Pacific Standard Job

GTA Online characters in the Pacific Standard heist.
Rockstar Games
The Pacific Standard heist used to be the best of the lot.

After the Doomsday Heists, the only other job that pays out over $1,000,000 is the Pacific Standard job. This is your typical GTA bank heist and was, for the longest time, the best heist in the game. 

Now, it’s just the daddy of the base heists, and well worth playing if you want some cash. After that, the Humane Labs Raid pays out the best, with the Series A Funding job lagging behind. 

The other jobs, The Flecca Job and The Prison Break, won’t pay out all that well, but if you’ve never played them, they are worth experiencing at least. 

An all-new heist is set to launch with GTA Online’s upcoming winter update, and Rockstar could very well raise the bar again and make that the most lucrative job. We’ll just have to wait and see.

World of Warcraft

How to unlock Torghast in WoW: Shadowlands

Published: 25/Nov/2020 17:01 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 17:03

by Lauren Bergin


Blizzard’s newest expansion for World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, has been an instant hit. There’s one area of the game that has fans going wild though; Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. We’re going to help you unlock it. 

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has breathed new life into the iconic franchise. With an epic trailer featuring Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner against Azeroth, it’s safe to say that the expansion has been hyped from the beginning.

Pre-sales for Shadowlands were rated as the highest of any other expansion in the title’s history and the release has seen fans old and new come together to explore WoW’s spooky new realm.

One of the newest and coolest aspects of the expansion though is the new rogue-like dungeon; Torghast, the Tower of the Damned.

Blizzard Entertainment
Torghast is a rogue-like experience of no other in WoW’s history.

Why Torghast Tower is special

Torghast is of particular interest to WoW: Shadowlands players because it is an infinite dungeon that changes every time a player attempts a new run.

As players progress through the dungeon they’ll come across stronger enemies, as well as picking up stat boosts and even different abilities, a currency greater than gold in the WoW universe.

Be careful, though! As you level up, your enemies do too, so you best be prepared to enter this tower of terror. Otherwise, you might just be losing the very items you covet.

How to unlock the Torghast Tower dungeon

What’s the point of all this cool stuff if you don’t know how to unlock it though? Well, here’s a detailed list of how to do so. Bear in mind that you must be level 60 and have reached the expansion’s end. Not quite at 60 yet? Here’s a levelling guide to help you out. 

Here are the steps to unlock Torghast:

  • Choose a Covenant to pledge yourself to.
  • You will receive a quest that takes you back to The Maw, completing this gives you access to Torghast.
  • The Tower’s entrance is found in the Western Zone of the Ve’nari Refuge area of The Maw.
  • Take the portal to the Tower.
Blizzard Entertainment
Torghast is hidden deep within The Maw.

Currently, only the first three layers are available

Note that, at the moment, only the first three layers of the tower are accessible. Each layer has six floors though, so don’t be too disappointed!

The remaining layers will roll out in North America on these dates:

  • November 24 – Layers 1 – 3
  • December 8 – Layers 4 – 6
  • December 15 – Layers 7 – 8

Until then, you can still battle your way to glory. Be careful, because Torghast may quickly become a tower of terror.