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When is GTA Online’s winter update? Release date, new heist, and more

Published: 15/Nov/2020 12:52

by Connor Bennett


Fans of Grand Theft Auto Online are looking forward to the game’s next major update, which is set to release this winter. So, here’s what we know so far. 

Ever since releasing back in 2013, GTA Online has been chock full of updates – be it to celebrate a real-life holiday, the game’s anniversary, or to bring a whole host of new content. 

Prior to the Los Santos City Special summer update, which brought a whole host of new cars to GTA Online, Rockstar Games gave players a little bit of insight into what’s coming after that – specifically, a major winter update.

This upcoming update is set to add a new heist for GTA Online players to try their hand at. So, with that in mind, here’s everything that’s known about the update so far. 

GTA Online festive surprise poster
Rockstar Games
GTA Online’s Christmas update has always been known as Festive Surprise.

When is GTA Online’s Winter update?

Up to this point, Rockstar have been pretty cryptic about when an update will release. They’ve said that it’s coming this winter, but that could mean anything. 

In the last few years, the Christmas update – where snow and other decorations are added to Los Santos – has typically been released between December 18 and December 21st. However, with this update bringing a heist with it, it could come sooner.

In fact, last year, the Diamond Casino Heist update – which is a similar update to what we’ll be getting this time around – was released on December 12. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what the GTA devs do, but updates come on a Thursday so don’t’ expect a random Monday update. 

GTA Online map covered in snow
Rockstar Games
Los Santos is always coated in snow over the Winter.

What is GTA Online’s next heist?

As for what the new heist will entail, again, Rockstar have been ultra cryptic. They’ve teased an entirely new location but that’s it so far. 

Some fans have taken that to mean that they will be whisked away to some island for a job, although others have suggested that Rockstar will simply open up buildings inside Los Santos that have never been available. 

One new thing that has popped up that seems to be connected to the heist is the construction at the Casino. Going near the location will see an alert triggered, but again, it’s so very cryptic from Rockstar and doesn’t reveal much about whats being lined up.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Construction
Twitter/TezFunz2/Rockstar Games
New construction has begun at the Diamond casino.

GTA Online Christmas daily gifts

With Christmas being the time for giving, Rockstar also usually hands out gifts to players simply for logging in and playing a few moments. 

These rewards typically come in the form of new clothing, free ammo for weapons, and discounts on vehicles, and we can expect those to make a return this holiday season too. 

As for everything else, there will likely be some new vehicles, jobs, clothes, and possibly houses to purchase once the new update comes around. 

With the move to the next-gen consoles on the horizon, Rockstar might take a huge leap forward with GTA Online. We’ll just have to wait and see what they’ve got up their sleeve.


SypherPK reveals secret buff to Fortnite’s superpower abilities

Published: 17/Nov/2020 10:12 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 10:14

by Connor Bennett


Popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK has revealed that Epic Games might have made a mistake with Siphon Squads, giving the mythic superpowers an unannounced buff. 

At the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, a number of Marvel heroes and villains descended on the battle royale island to prepare for their impending fight against Galactus. 

As a result of their arrival, Fortnite has become awash with all sorts of Marvel references – be it through cosmetics, points of interest, or in-game challenges. Though, the biggest addition has been the mythical superpowers. 

These superpowers are obtainable by taking down the hero, or villain, that they usually belong to. Getting your hands on one won’t typically guarantee a victory, but, there might be a different story in Siphon Squads. 

Iron Man using the Unibeam ability in Fortnite.
Epic Games
Iron Man’s Unibeam has received a huge buff in Siphon Squads.

During his November 15 video, Sypher pointed out that if you drop into a Siphon Squads game, the mythic superpowers actually act as if they’re still inside the Marvel Knockout limited-time mode. 

According to Sypher, when playing Siphon Squads, the Doctor Doom bomb will do 90 damage instead of its usual 60. On top of that, the Doctor Doom gauntlets do 45 damage instead of 35.

Iron Man’s Unibeam ability has also seen an uptick in power too, all the way to dealing 150 damage. “In this game, I found a Unibeam and I just started one-shotting everybody in the lobby. 150 damage is insane in a game mode like this,” Sypher added. 

As for the other abilities in-game, neither Wolverine or She-Hulk drop their abilities in Siphon Squads mode, so they don’t see a drastic improvement. 

The change to Doctor Doom and Iron Man might have been intended by Epic specifically for the mode, but given that they’ve gone unannounced, it might surprise a few players. Though, if it’s a mistake, the devs will likely roll them back to normal sooner rather than later.