GTA 6 Chicago city rumors brought to life by insane GTA 5 mod

. 2 years ago
Chicago with the GTA V logo
Patreon: Fvdesign

A group of modders are taking tools for Grand Theft Auto V and using them to build up a replica of Chicago amid rumors that the midwest city could be a location for GTA 6.

Over the years, Rockstar Games has whisked players to interesting locations with their games, and especially when it comes to Grand Theft Auto. 

These locations are, always based on a real city – see New York for Liberty City, Miami for Vice City, and Los Angeles for Los Santos – and have their own GTA spin attached with hilarious names, references, and everything else. 

With GTA V being the newest, and most realistic, some players have used to show off a modern take on classic maps like San Andreas. However, others are building completely new locations instead. 

Chicago in GTA v with fog and clouds
Patreon: Fvdesign
The modders have taken advantage of GTA V’s weather, to give Chicago the authentic GTA experience.

GTA V Chicago mod

That includes modder Filip Vogleš, who alongside some friends, has been building Chicago as a playable mod for Grand Theft Auto V. 

The mod, which currently only available for Vogleš’s Patreons, sees parts of the city’s iconic downtown and skyscrapers added to the GTA V engine. That includes bridges to cross parts of the Chicago River, the Crain Communications Building, and even the L-Train that runs through the city. 

With the train playing such a key part in getting around Chicago, the modder has taken the train that rattled around Liberty City in GTA IV and GTA III, to give it a really authentic feel.

Even though the mod is not available to the public yet, it should spark some excitement and theories from GTA fans, especially as Chicago was mentioned in some early GTA 6 leaks. 

The city hasn’t been used in a video game since the original Watch Dogs back in 2014, and it is pretty perfect for a game like GTA. We’ll just have to see if what Rockstar has lined up for GTA 6 is better than what Vogleš turns GTA V into.

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