GTA Online player finds perfect location to fight off cops

Alex Garton

There’s nothing quite like racking up the wanted level in GTA Online and taking on the game’s entire law enforcement. Well, a player may have found the perfect location to hold and camp whilst fighting off the cops.

It has been seven years since the release of GTA Online back in October of 2013. Although now classed as a relatively old title, GTA Online maintains a large and dedicated player base.

The title has received numerous updates adding fresh and exciting content to the game. From heists to a wealth of items and vehicles to collect, a player isn’t short of content to get stuck into.

However, as with any GTA title, sometimes a player just wants to rack up the wanted level and see how long they can survive.

Rockstar Games
Surviving a high wanted level can be difficult whilst out in the open.

Perfect location to fight off the cops

A post made to the GTA Online subreddit has highlighted the best location to camp whilst maintaining a high wanted level.

The redditor reveals that the rooftop of Eclipse Lodge, located in West Vinewood, is the perfect location to fight off cops. The only access to the rooftop of the building is a ladder which the cops are unable to climb.

This means that players can simply camp the top of the building and shoot down with no consequences: “If you’re looking to blow off some steam… the rooftop of the Eclipse Lodge is the place to be… for some reason, the cops can’t properly climb up the ladder.”

Eclipse Lodge gta
Rockstar Games
Here’s the place GTA 5 players think is easiest to fend off the police.

Unfortunately, players will not be able to hold this spot for an infinite amount of time.

As the Reddit user helpfully mentions, the only officers that will be able to reach players are the S.W.A.T team that repel from helicopters. It is possible to hold off the helicopters, but you would need to get a group of friends together and keep track of the skies.

It’s always interesting to see posts like this highlighting interesting locations in Los Santos. Although GTA Online has reached its 7th birthday, players are still finding new and unique elements to the title.