Genshin Impact streamer Mtashed reveals “brutal” truth about Sumeru update

James Busby
Genshin Impact Tighnari

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update will finally add the highly anticipated Sumeru region to the game, but Mtashed believes that the hype won’t last for long. 

Genshin Impact’s Sumeru update is on the horizon and many Travelers are looking forward to exploring the game’s new region. Sumeru is known for its arid deserts and luscious rainforests, which makes it the perfect place for new characters and enemy types. 

Aside from the introduction of Tighnari and Collei in the first phase of 3.0, players will also be able to utilize the Dendro element. This nature-based ability has plenty of new and unique Elemental Reactions, which players will be able to use against the various threats that inhabit Sumeru. 

There’s also the addition of new events like the Graven Innocence, which will reward Travelers with free Primogems and other in-game items. Despite this massive content update, Mtashed believes that there isn’t enough to keep long-time players invested. 

Mtashed reveals thoughts on Genshin Impact Sumeru update 

“We’re going to enjoy the new area, we’re going to enjoy the new Archon quests, but [HoYoverse] has added nothing for long-term players of this game,” said the streamer. Mtashed notes this is in direct contrast to new players, who will have a “blast” due to the huge amounts of content that will be available to them. 

For most experienced players though, the Sumeru region won’t alleviate Genshin Impact’s lack of end-game content. “Veteran players are going to be playing for a month or so and then [they’ll] have nothing to realistically do,” explained Mtashed. 

“It’s harder and harder for me to do my daily commissions and it’s harder and harder for me to trade my time to get resources in games. It’s [also] harder and harder for me to do little minigames to get a couple of Primogems to wish for a character that most likely won’t change my account.” 

While the new Dendro element will likely shake up the current Genshin Impact character meta, Mtashed believes it will do little to keep experienced players invested. “It’s going to be good, but as a veteran player, I’m convinced that after a month or so, it’s going to get boring really quickly again,” explained the streamer.

Whether HoYoverse will ever add any further end-game content outside of the Spiral Abyss remains to be seen, but for now, Travelers will just have to wait and see what surprises Sumeru brings.