Genshin Impact player gives Hu Tao a Honkai Impact inspired scythe and fans want more

Hu Tao with a scythe in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo/@yoimyia

A talented Genshin Impact player has added a Honkai Impact-style scythe to the game, giving players a sneak peek at how this lightning-fast weapon would function in the world of Teyvat. 

Genshin Impact is currently home to five different weapon types, which all have their own unique passives that enable the wielder to unleash some truly devastating attacks. From the agile slices of the sword to the crushing blows of the claymore, there is a weapon for every kind of playstyle. 

However, players now want miHoYo to add even more weapons to the game after a video of Hu Tao wielding a scythe surfaced online. This deadly one-handed weapon is incredibly fast in its attacks and has huge amounts of range, which would enable players to safely barrage their foes from a distance. 

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Genshin Impact player adds scythe to the game

Hu Tao abilitiesHoYoverse
Hu Tao is known for her Pyro-infused polearm attacks.

While Hu Tao is canonically classed as a 5-star polearm character, Genshin Impact player @yoimyia has given the ghost-loving girl a slight twist. Instead of wielding the Staff of Homa, Hu Tao can now be seen wielding a Honkai-themed scythe. 

The scythe is a common weapon type in miHoYo’s other free-to-play game, Honkai Impact 3rd. Not only is it renowned for its great speed, but its overall reach enables players to quickly cut through waves of monsters. 

This makes it perfectly suited for Hu Tao, a character who is known for her speedy attacks and Pyro-infused abilities. As the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Hu Tao is no stranger to death, so what better way to send shivers down her enemies’ backs than a life-taking scythe. 

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The added flames from her Elemental Skill also make the scythe look incredibly menacing, especially since it glows with orange and red energy. Whether miHoYo will add more weapon types to Genshin Impact in the future remains to be seen, but for now, @yoimyia has shed the light on what could be possible in upcoming releases.