Genshin Impact Baizhu and Ganyu re-run among worst-selling banners

Cassidy Stephenson
Genshin Impact Ganyu screenshot

The sales reports for Genshin Impact reveal that Baizhu and Ganyu’s banners have become one of the mobile game’s worst-selling.

For Version 3.6, Genshin Impact once again expanded Sumeru’s desert region and introduced two new bosses. As for the character banners, Nahida and Nilou re-runs took place in the first half. Baizhu and Ganyu later emerged during the second half of Version 3.6.

The latest banner marks the third re-run for the 5-star Cryo vision holder Ganyu. However, this was 5-star Dendro user Baizhu’s first appearance. Despite two new characters, the current Wish banner has struggled to generate much revenue.

Genshin Impact Baizhu’s debut banner falls flat

Genshin Impact hero Ganyu in Liyue screenshot.

As first reported by Game Rant, the Baizhu and Ganyu double banner has taken the 41st spot on the 47-entry all-time revenue list. The two characters are above past 5-star additions like Keqing, two Tartaglia re-runs, Klee’s re-run, Yoimiya, and Kokomi. Despite the disappointment, the two 5-stars run from May 8 until May 23 – so there’s time to catch up in revenue.

At the time of writing, Baizhu and Ganyu’s banner has earned $5,482,270. This number comes as a surprise, considering the overall anticipation surrounding the Dendro user. Players first encountered the owner of Bubu Pharmacy during the Liyue Archon quest in Genshin’s early days.

Within nine months, Baizhu marked the eighth Dendro user to join Genshin Impact’s roster. Collei appeared as the first in August 2022. Therefore, some players are growing tired of constant Dendro since the element’s introduction.

The number of Dendro characters now equals the amount of Geo users with Baizhu’s debut. Additionally, there are no 5-star Geo characters in Genshin Impact’s Standard Banner despite Dehya’s recent addition.

Aside from Baizhu and Kaveh, Genshin Impact officially revealed the 4-star Dendro user Kirara. Stay updated by reading our article on Version 3.7 for information about her release.

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