Genshin Impact leak shows Kirara’s Elemental Skill and Burst descriptions

Genshin Impact reveals Kirara for Update 3.7HoYoverse

A day after Genshin Impact officially revealed Kirara, the Dendro character’s Elemental Burst and Skill descriptions appeared online.

On April 10, Genshin Impact unveiled Kirara’s splash art on Twitter in addition to her biography. Initially, players assumed Kirara was a 5-star Geo Bow user before her announcement. However, the 4-star character holds a Dendro vision and an undetermined weapon.

While Kirara’s weapon remains unknown, some speculate she could become a Dendro sword user like Alhaitham. Despite the uncertainty regarding her weapon, the Gold Level Courier of the Komaniya Express’s alleged Elemental Burst and Skill descriptions have leaked online before her arrival in Version 3.7.

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Genshin Impact leak explains Kirara’s Elemental Burst and Skill

An image of Kaveh in Genshin Impact.HoYoverse

Reddit user No-Lifeguard4399 posted a screenshot of Kirara’s rumored kit on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit. As seen in the image, Kirara’s Elemental Skill summons a cat inside a box that follows her and applies Dendro. If players hold the ability, the cat gains a shield.

On the other hand, Kirara’s Elemental Burst generates an even bigger cat and box that throws explosive boxes. The attack applies Dendro to nearby enemies. However, the ability can heal Kirara if no opponents are close to her.

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Puzzled by Kirara’s kit, skill_op asked: “If the cat is inside a box, does the box follow you, and you just assume there’s a cat inside?”

Some players likened Kirara to Yaoyao but with a sword. “Yeah, this is crazy how much this kit seems similar to Yaoyao,” AnAussiebum wrote. “Hopefully, her cats stay when she leaves the field. Then she could be an upgrade to Yaoyao in some teams.”

While Kirara’s cat with a shield may have intrigued users, she won’t debut until Version 3.7 – likely to release on May 24. Until then, players can wish on the Nahida, and Nilou rerun banners of Version 3.6 or wait until new Dendro characters Baizhu and Kaveh arrive.

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