WWE 2K22 update 1.05 patch notes: MyRISE changes, server fixes & general improvements

. 4 months ago
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A new update for WWE 2K22 is live and the new 1.05 update from 2K includes fixes for a wide range of different issues including the game’s career mode, AKA MyRISE.

In our WWE 2K22 review, we talked about how this is well and truly a game that got the series back on track. With the return of MyGM and a pretty cool Showcase mode, there’s a lot to like about the latest entry into the storied franchise.

On the other hand, some of our criticisms were directed at technical issues we encountered during our playthrough. 2K seems to have acted fast though as the new 1.05 update looks to fix some underlying problems in the game.


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Incremental fixes over time should make WWE 2K22 an incredible game.

WWE 2K22 1.05 update: Main fixes

An initial Tweet from the official WWE 2K22 account announced the 1.05 update along with a handful of improvements players could expect. It outlined four main improvements to the game and promised that even more were to be included.

Some players have complained about server connection issues since the game’s launch, so 1.05 is set to improve stability. There are also fixes to the game’s popular career mode, and they are referred to quite generally as “Addressed issues related to MyRISE.”

Also, there are performance, visual, and superstar improvements on top of everything else.

WWE 2K22 1.05 update: Full patch notes

As well as the outlined fixes in the Tweet, there are a few other changes made by 2K in the 1.05 update, and after doing some digging, we’ve been able to uncover some extra upgrades that players can enjoy.

Here is a more detailed patch notes list for the 1.05 WWE 2K22 update:

  • Addressed server issues (ONLINE)
  • Addressed issues related to MyRISE
  • Improved Superstar interactions
  • Improved performance and visuals
  • Addressed a bug related to game loading crash
  • Added fixes for universe mode
  • Addressed game freezing and shuttering in the game
  • Addressed issues with different game modes
  • Added online stability improvements
  • Addressed sudden drop in framerate issue
  • Added matchmaking improvements
  • Addressed some glitches in character creation
  • Addressed game controller issues
  • Fixed some other crashes

That’s all for the patch notes for the latest WWE 2K22 update, and we expect more to arrive in the future.

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