How to have a 5-star match in WWE 2K22: A step-by-step guide

the rock and cena face-off2K

Having a 5* star quality wrestling match in real-life takes a lot of precision, skill, and professionalism. It’s no different in WWE 2K22 either as there are certain parameters and conditions that will need to be met.

Whether you’re trying to impress in MyRISE, going for ratings in MyGM, or want a five-star match for your own personal satisfaction, there are a number of things to consider when trying to put on the perfect painful spectacle in WWE 2K22.

A professional wrestling match needs several things to become memorable and go down in history as an all-time great. Thankfully, we know just the things you need to keep on top of as outlined here in our WWE 2K22 5-star match guide.

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rey mysterio and eddir guerrero looking at each other2K
If ever two wrestlers were capable of putting on a five-star match…

Five-star match guide in WWE 2K22

To achieve this feat, you’ll need to factor in multiple different elements of a wrestling match: offense, defense, how involved both participants are, how many spectacular clip-worthy spots it has, and how tense the near-falls are.

Here is a full list of each influencer and how to best maximize them in the game.

Back and Forth

Whilst a one-sided squash match is great for character development, it doesn’t make for a legendary bout. So make sure your opponent is landing the occasional jab and grab to keep the action ebbing and flowing.

Defensive Prowess

Counters and reversals are an excellent way to show off your pure wrestling skills. Granted, the system is generally quite luck-based with regards to most of the attacks, but you can always time particular counters to give a boost to your special meter and, of course, demonstrate your defensive skills to the crowd.

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Move Variety

One criticism of Brock Lesnar matches over the years has been the emergence and establishment of ‘Suplex City.’ No one wants to see 49 suplexes or clotheslines in a row. So keep your punishment varied and use the full extent of your moveset.

Memorable Moments

The modern-day wrestling fan has become accustomed and conditioned to expect larger-than-life bumps. Power moves through announce tables, sending people hurtling off of the stage, and awe-inspiring dives off the top rope can all contribute to the magnitude of the occasion.

Heighten Drama

There are few things more guaranteed to drum up a huge roar from the crowd like seeing the referee’s hand coming down for the 3-count, only for someone to kick out at the last second. Similarly, seeing someone locked in a tight submission hold, only for them to escape or get to the rope is another sure-fire way to pop the crowd.

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Signature Touch

Finally, the final stretch of a tense match can be made even greater by the exchange of a wrestler’s Signature moves and Finishers. These ultra-powerful moves are the way to inflict maximum damage on an opponent and can bring a raucous crowd to the edge of their seat.

brock lesnar screaming during his entrance2K
Lesnar is a great option to use if you want to stay in control of your match.

Fit for a Prince trophy guide

The WWE 2K22 trophies and achievements list for PlayStation and Xbox specifically wants you to have a five-star match! So if you’re looking to complete all of these optional objectives then you’ve got no say in the matter really.

Fit For A Prince asks players to do the following: “Finish a Match With a 5 Star Rating (Play Mode vs AI).”

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So to be clear, you can’t cheese this by using two controllers and playing against yourself. So, bear everything in mind we mentioned in the five-star match guide above and you should have no issue getting this trophy. The best thing is, you don’t even need to win!

gm options in wwe 2k22 mygm2K
Help your brand’s chances of victory by manually bumping some match ratings up!

MyGM Mode

Everyone’s approach to MyGM will be different, but we imagine the large majority of players will sim most matches, meaning you’re leaving the fate of your shows in the hands of the AI gods.

However, if you want some five-star performances to boost your ratings and get more fans, then follow our tips and maybe dip into some of your booked matches every now and again.

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