WWE 2K22: All match types and stipulations

WWE 2K22 match2K Games

WWE 2K22 features a variety of fun match types and stipulations taken directly from their live shows. Here’s a list of all WWE2K match types and the stipulations you can add.

As with earlier WWE games from developer 2K, WWE 2K22 includes all of WWE’s classic match types for players to experience with any of the assembled superstars that are available in the game. This includes regular single matches, tag-team, and multi-person matches, to even huge Royal Rumbles.

Every match type can be broken down further and customized with a variety of stipulations that help spice up the match and make it more interesting. These stipulations usually sit on top of the match type, but changes the rules and how a superstar or superstars are able to win. For example, you could have a tag-team match that becomes a ladder match. Or you could choose to have a singles match that takes place in a steel cage – the possibilities are endless.


WWE 2K22 match2K Games
Kevin Owens battles Rey Mysterio.

Types of match WWE 2K22

In WWE 2K22, players can take part in the following match types, playing against AI or other players:

  • One on One
  • Two on Two (Tag team match)
  • Triple Threat
  • Fatal 4-Way
  • 5-person match
  • 6-person match
  • 8-person match
  • Handicap match (2 on 1)
  • Royal Rumble
  • Tournament (multiple matches)
  • Custom match

A custom match allows the player to tweak the match style further, making it something WWE may not usually offer. For example, they could make an 8-person match a tag match between two teams of 4, or simply make it every wrestler for themselves.

WWE matche types2K Games
All WWE 2K22 match types.

Match stipulations in WWE 2K22

Special stipulations add certain rules and features to an existing match. For example, most of the match types above could have the following stipulations added to them. So, you could have a singles, tag-team, or multi-person match taking place in Hell in a Cell or add ladders.

You could also make it a No Holds Barred match meaning the only way to win is by pinfall or submission. This means the match becomes no disqualification and most normal rules go out the window. It also means any other wrestler can run in and interfere on the side of the other, wildly changing how the match could play out.

The WWE 2K22 stipulations are:

  • Normal (standard match with no changes)
  • Backstage Brawl
  • Ladder match
  • TLC (Tables, ladders, and chairs)
  • Steel Cage
  • Last Man/Woman Standing
  • Submission (No pinfalls)
  • Falls Count Anywhere
  • Extreme Rules
  • Tables
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Iron Man (Set Time Limit)
  • No Holds Barred
  • Custom (Add multiple stipulations)
WWE 2k22 match stipulations2K Games
A list of match stipulations in WWE 2K22.

Of course, some stipulations can’t be added to some matches. Each time you click on a match type, the game will show you all the possible stipulations that can be set.

These are entirely optional, but it’s worth knowing how each stipulation works in each match for when you play through WWE 2K22’s various game modes.

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