WWE 2K22 MyGM: How to win, best roster & top tips

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14 years later and the fan-favorite GM Mode has made its triumphant return as MyGM. WWE 2K22 marks the return of the popular wrestling franchise and comes with it a long-lost mode that we have a few tips for to help you succeed.

It’s still up in the air as to why it’s taken so long for the wrestling management mode to appear in a WWE game again, but we’re not complaining now as it’s in WWE 2K22 and performs and plays quite nicely.

From your decisions at the start of the game, all the way until Wrestlemania itself, every choice you make is important. Every selection has a consequence, and every reaction has an equal and opposite that will determine how savvy your decision-making skills are.

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wwe 2k22 journal2K
You’ll have many items to keep a track of in MyGM.

What is MyGM mode?

MyGM gives WWE fans the opportunity to book their own show, push the stars they want to push, and compete against an opposing GM to see who comes out on top.

Starting with a budget of $2,750,000, players will need to acquire a mix of top male and female stars, factor in their particular fighting styles, and also maintain a balance of good guys and bad guys AKA faces and heels.

You then need to compete over a custom length of time in a bid to earn the highest viewership.

How to win MyGM mode: Best tips

There’s no nailed-on, guaranteed way to be victorious in MyGM, but there are definitely tactics and strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success. After all, as authentic as the game mode tries to be in WWE 2K22, levels of success, ratings, and fan total changes will boil down to an algorithm.

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Use our best tips to take advantage of the algorithm and come out on top.

1. Creating the perfect roster

As we alluded to earlier, balance will play an important part in your project. Splashing out your entire budget on six top babyfaces and two heels will not lead to good results. Having four top-tier talent and four midcarders, but three-quarters of your roster being men will not cut it. Be reasonable and ensure your show’s equilibrium is maintained at all times for more consistent reactions and long-term gains.

2. Take realism and sentiment out of it

An average month’s worth of RAW shows in real life might have one, maybe two No DQ matches, whereas in WWE 2K22 you’ll find that you’ll need at least one or two special matches per episode! Even though they’re expensive, booking TLC and Extreme Rules matches on a regular basis, mixed with decent rivalries, is a certain way to get higher-rated matches and more fans.

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wwe 2k22 mygm power cards2K
Use them to improve your show or weaken your enemy’s.

3. Stay on top of Power Cards

Although they might seem like a bit of a novelty, Power Cards can be instrumental in saving your big matches. Two weeks out from Summerslam and WWE Champion Roman Reigns is injured? Then slap on a Injury Rehab Power Card and watch as his injury goes away and he’s clear to finish off his main event, Level 4 rivalry-ender.

4. Your match order is crucial

A well-known wrestling proverb is if you’re not in the main event, then you want to be in the opener. Kicking off the show and ending it can really set the tone for the overall show, whereas quality mid-card matches can potentially overshadow these spots. Save your rivalry-builders for the curtain-raiser or closer.

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5. Don’t always listen to the commissioner

Sometimes HHH will want you to book a certain star on the show, or a particular talent to earn a free Power Card. However, booking some of these conditions could actually end up hurting some of your feuds, and potentially derail them if a fatigued star gets injured and takes a rest on the shelf for three weeks.

wwe 2k22 show logistics2K
Complete the optional objectives and benefit from the bonuses.

6. Do observe Show Logistics optional goals

As part of the management process in MyGM mode, you’ll need to book the arena, the level of lighting, and several other important setup factors on every show. Naturally, the bigger they are, the higher the price to pay. But each one comes with an optional objective that if you can fulfil will reward you with bonuses such as a higher match rating percentage.

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Make sure you get them done ASAP to utilize the bonus immediately.

7. Use Journal to keep on top of promises

WWE 2K22 provides lots of exciting content and modes for you to try out, this does mean that you could feasibly be a few weeks deep in your MyGM save file, ditch it for a few days in favor of MyRise, return to it, and you’ve forgotten all about that promised title shot for Seth Rollins.

Use the Journal to ensure you keep up with all your communications and keep morale high.

wwe 2k roster choices2K
Bringing in a nimble worked like Cedric Alexander could work out better than an expensive, short-term contract for The Rock.

8. Free agents could be the way to free money and fans

The initial draft is where you’ll score the majority of your roster, but as the weeks progress and you realize you need fresh match-ups, the free agents pool could hold your salvation. In desperate need of devious, brawler heel? Then see who you can bring in on a 10-week contract. Legends are bound to be good for popularity, but the right booking of your normal stars could render them superfluous.

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