WWE 2K22: How to light a table on fire

orton and daivari standing either side of a flaming table in wwe 2k222K

The world of professional wrestling is a fascinating beast, and players have the opportunity to heat things up in WWE 2K22 by lighting tables on fire.

The PG-era days of the WWE have effectively nullified the chances of seeing a flaming table on WWE television or PPV. But we have seen it in the past, and WWE 2K22 allows players to relive history in the game by offering combatants the chance to set a table ablaze.

Rival wrestling company AEW recently performed this dangerous spot in real-life, and now you can do it too in WWE 2K22. It’s not outlined clearly in the early tutorials how to do this, so we’ve put together this useful guide.

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randy orton staring at opponent in wwe 2k222K
When you get the chance to ignite, you get a chance to possibly win the fight.

How to set a table on fire in WWE 2K22

To allow you to be able to commit this extreme act, you’re going to need a stored Finisher first.

This is one of several steps you need to ensure are followed if you’re looking to indulge in some firey fisticuffs. To make this as transparent as possible, here are the steps required to set a table on fire in WWE 2K22.

  1. Select an applicable game mode where a table will be a weapon wheel option e.g Table Match or Extreme Rules Match
  2. Begin the match and score tons of offense until you get a ‘Finisher’
  3. Now, make sure you’re outside the ring and stand in the middle of the apron on any side of the ring
  4. Then press L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, or the assigned key on PC
  5. Your chosen star will lift up the apron, and a weapon wheel will appear
  6. Hover over the table icon and select it
  7. You’ll then pull out a table, and you need to set it up
  8. Once you’ve done that, stand next to the table and you’ll get a prompt to ‘Ignite it’
  9. Do so, and watch as your character pulls out lighter fluid, squirts it on the table, and sets the table on fire

The rest should be simple enough but be warned, if your opponent gets the upper hand, then they could literally turn the firey tables on you! If you can successfully put someone through the inferno, then you’re guaranteed to do some serious damage and increase your match’s star rating to appease Dave Meltzer.

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