Wreckreation: Trailer, platforms, developers & everything we know

Jessica Filby
Wreckreation art

Wreckreation is a brand new arcade racing experience that is soon to grace the gaming world. Here’s everything we know about this chaotic title.

Racing games have been prominent in the gaming industry for years, but few have seen anything like Wreckreation. This newly announced game by THQ Nordic and Three Fields Entertainment brings together a sandbox style of racing with chaos at its center.

With the release of the official trailer and hype already beginning to emerge, players have a bit more of an indication regarding the gameplay and other important details. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Wreckreation.


Is there a Wreckreation release date yet?

Wreckreation driving on the track
While there’s no release date yet, there’s plenty of chaos to look forward to.

Currently, there is no revealed release date for Wreckreation yet. However, we will be updating this article as soon as one get’s announced.

Wreckreation Trailer

The announcement trailer is our first indication regarding the gameplay, platforms, and what the general experience of the game will be. You can watch it below:

What platforms will Wreckreation be on?

Thanks to the trailer, we know that Wreckreation will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Who is developing Wreckreation?

Three Fields Entertainment will be a recognizable name for fans of racing games. They are best known for their chaotic racing style, particularly in titles like Dangerous Driving.

The development team also previously had a part in legendary games like Burnout and Need for Speed, so players don’t need to worry about a lack of experience or skill when it comes to making fantastic racing games.

That’s all we know about the upcoming title, Wreckreation. This article will be updated whenever new information is released so be sure to check back regularly. In the meantime, why not take a look at what other games were announced by THQ Nordic?

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