THQ Nordic reveals Space for Sale, a property management sim in space

Spaceman in the centre of a planetTHQ Nordic

Have you ever wanted to become a property-developing spaceman who builds bases while meeting aliens and some less than friendly creatures on a random planet? Look no further than THQ Nordic’s new title, Space for Sale.

THQ Nordic are known for their part in legendary games like Darksiders and Destroy All Humans! but now they have announced the release of multiple new and exciting titles for fans to enjoy. One such title is a new property management sim with a twist, Space for Sale, and frankly, it looks adorable.

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Developed by Mirage Game Studios, known for Little Big Workshop, Space for Sale is a property management game where you get dropped into a random planet and are tasked with survival, resource management, and building new homes for demanding alien customers.

Players can move around the world, meet aliens, investigate resources and other mysterious entities, avoid monsters, and even meet other astronauts. What makes this game even better is that no two planets are the same. There are some worlds filled with mysterious fauna that can explode and send you flying, there’s another that looks like it is straight out of a volcano, and there’s even one that somewhat closely resembles Mars so you can live out your Martian dreams.

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Running towards a crashed shipTHQ Nordic
Traverse the planet and build bases in Space for Sale.

Just be careful when getting a little excited about building structures for clients on your planet since you’ll still need to find and provide electricity and water to whatever you need to power, it’s not unlimited. Thankfully, resource management and collection are already built into the game.

While it’s definitely a property management sim at heart, Space for Sale involves a lot more than simply building a lovely base and houses. You go around the planet building fine estates for demanding aliens all while, exploring the world around you, paying off debts to an alien and so much more. Essentially, you get free reign on your own planet to build houses and create new habitats for species across the galaxy.

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There’s no release date as yet, but you’ll find any updates at Dexerto.

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