Tempest Rising is a new RTS from reformed 3D Realms and THQ Nordic

Andrew Highton

Tempest Rising, an epic-looking sci-fi RTS game from the team at 3D Realms, is on the way and we’ve had our first glimpse at the game.

With over 35 years in the gaming industry under their belt, 3D Realms are going as strong as ever, and the team behind iconic franchises like Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior is working on a new project.

Tempest Rising is a shift away from some of its recent first-person shooters as the company is going full real-time strategy with intense combat between men and machines.

Tempest Rising RTS coming in 2023

At the end of the game’s first trailer, we were given a message that simply says: “Connecting to your battle uplink in 2023,” so we at least have a rough idea of when to expect the title.

The screenshots and trailer haven’t revealed too much about the upcoming game’s story or characters, but we’ve been able to ascertain its era and style – in the future and very sci-fi-like.

One of the factions is called the “GDF” and they appear to be feuding with another rival group on a desolate planet. Between icy fields and ruined forests, it looks like there will be plenty of land to traverse and capture.

The early footage looks pretty much like what you’d expect from a classic RTS game: attacking, defending, carefully moving, and advancing your forces to strike at the right time, all the while trying to apply upgrades to make yourself stronger.

Also helping with Tempest Rising are Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games, and with all the teams working hard on the game you’d expect that THQ Nordic might have a hit on their hands to rival other games in the genre such as the legendary Starcraft franchise.

As the game’s development continues to move along, we expect to hear more about Tempest Rising and perhaps get a more locked-in release date.

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