Alone in the Dark reboot announced by THQ Nordic, returns to survival horror roots

alone in the dark logo over street screenshotPieces Interactive

THQ is reviving Alone in the Dark and the survival-horror franchise will return featuring many of the elements and features that made the original games cult classics.

In a world where Resident Evil and Silent Hill have dominated the survival-horror scene for years, Alone in the Dark has always had to play second and even third fiddle.

In spite of this, the franchise has retained a great following of loyal fans over the years, many of whom have been yearning for a sequel to remove the memory of Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

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Thanks to THQ Nordic, that dream looks to be a reality with an Alone in the Dark reboot announced, and the Lovecraftian-inspired game is already promising a great deal.

Alone in the Dark reboot is a horrifying prospect

Being developed by Pieces Interactive, the team behind the Titan Quest games and Magicka 2, the team has outed several key features players will be subjected to as well as nightmares to dream about.

“Experience a deep psychological story that goes beyond the realms of the unimaginable, by Mikael Hedberg, cult horror writer of SOMA and Amnesia,” they’ve said.

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Although a reboot, Alone in the Dark will be comprised of ideas from the first three games, including its setting – Derceto Mansion.

alone in the dark character shooting enemyPieces Interactive

It will also feature the original protagonists – Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood – and the character you decide to go on this frightening journey with will get their own cut-scenes and levels to encourage replayability.

We’ve already seen some disturbing images and creatures designed to play havoc with the human mind and the Alone in the Dark reboot will be an entirely tense and torrid, single-player affair that is sure to have players clutching their controller tightly – although we have no timeframe to suggest when this will be happening.

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THQ’s new horror project will be targeting next-gen consoles in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC players too.

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