Will there be a Dead Space 2 remake?

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Horror fans have been lapping up the Dead Space Remake since its release, and with the title reportedly doing quite well, questions are now swirling about the future of the franchise and whether or not EA will commission a Dead Space 2 Remake.

After Dead Space 3 ended on a literal cliffhanger, many expected that Dead Space 4 would follow suit, however, this never materialized and the series was left in limbo for many years. Rumors and reports indicated that the third entry of the horror franchise underperformed and EA decided to opt against a fourth game.

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EA did eventually address these rumors, and call them “patently false,” yet a Dead Space 4 was still never released. The Dead Space 1 Remake arrives nearly ten years later and in our review, we thought it was an excellent retelling of Isaac Clarke’s original Necromorph nightmare. It firmly re-establishes the series‘ survival horror roots – after subsequent sequels descended into more action-focused gameplay.

Now that the franchise is back on even footing, will EA remake Dead Space 2? Or will they finally get around to making a Dead Space 4 if the remake is successful?

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Dead Space 2 IsaacElectronic Arts
Isaac returns in Dead Space 2.

Will there be a Dead Space 2 remake?

EA hasn’t offered anything substantial about a potential Dead Space 2 Remake to this point, however, the game developer and publisher may have hinted at a remake thanks to a global survey the company carried out.

Surveys were sent out, presumably to players subscribed to the company’s emails, and it asks: “How interested would you be in a similar remake of Dead Space 2 (2011)?”

Not only that, but there’s also a question worded almost identically asking gamers if they want to see a remake of Dead Space 3 as well.

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Survival horror remakes are in vogue, The Last of Us Part 1, multiple Resident Evil’s, Silent Hill 2, and Alone in the Dark have all joined the bandwagon – much to the delight of horror fans everywhere.

EA could follow Capcom’s lead and continue to remake the series until they run out of games. In fact, Capcom has a similar issue now when it comes to what game to remake next. While EA could simply remake Dead Space 2 next, using the engine of the original remake, fans would then expect them to complete the set with Dead Space 3 – arguably the runt of the litter.

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This then puts EA exactly where they started with their Dead Space 4 dilemma. There’s also the added issue of Dead Space 2 and 3 being much bigger and more complicated games. Remaking them isn’t impossible, but it’s a much more daunting task than the comparatively simple and claustrophobic design of the original Dead Space.

Naturally, EA hasn’t commissioned a remake of Dead Space to abandon the series again, the remake exists to breathe new life into the franchise. So, it’s reasonable to assume that if the game sells, we’ll soon be seeing Isaac Clarke again. The only question is in what capacity?

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Interestingly, the publisher shipped a copy of the original Dead Space 2 with Steam pre-orders. This action would loosely suggest that the studio has no plans to remake the sequel, but that could change if fans are receptive – and if EA is keen to ride the gravy train in a similar manner to which Capcom has with Resident Evil.

Again though, this is purely speculation as EA has been tight-lipped about the future of Dead Space. They likely don’t know themselves at this stage, so horror fans will need to wait and see.

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Dead Space 3 endingElectronic Arts
Dead Space 3 ended on a huge cliffhanger as Isaac confronts the Brother Moons.

What about Dead Space 4?

EA opted to remake the first game in the series rather than committing to a Dead Space 4, meaning that the long-awaited sequel is still up in the air – but as the franchise is alive again, Dead Space 4 may once again be a possibility.

It largely depends on the success of the Dead Space 1 Remake and if EA decides to make more remakes instead of a sequel. Although, the cliffhanger at the end of Dead Space 3 is still something that many fans would like to see addressed, therefore it’s entirely possible that EA bypass a remake of Dead Space 2 and 3, instead making Dead Space 4 using the new and improved Dead Space remake engine.

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Of course, this is only a pipedream at the moment, as there’s been no official word from EA, but it’s more likely as of 2023 than it has been since Dead Space 3 was released in 2013.

We’ll have to wait and see what the developers do – and how successful the Dead Space remake is.

Developer’s comments

In an interview with GQ Magazine, game directors Phil Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola were asked about a possible Dead Space 2 remake or even a Dead Space 4. Ducharme said: “For sure, it’s, it’s a hope that we have. There’s interest on my side and I think on Roman’s side, you can see his smile, in exploring Dead Space more. There are ideas, that’s for sure.”

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He went on to say: “We’re finishing this week, we’re going to be making sure that that launch goes well and that there are as few technical issues as possible. We’re gonna be heading out on vacation and then we’ll sit down and we’ll have those discussions within EA to say, ‘Well, what’s next?'”

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