Does Dead Space have a New Game Plus?

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Once you complete the Dead Space remake will you be able to start again with all your weapons and upgrades? Here’s what we know about Dead Space including a New Game Plus mode.

The original Dead Space let players keep all their guns and upgrades after the credits rolled. Players could then save a new file called ‘Game Cleared’ which was essentially the Dead Space New Game Plus mode. The game‘s sequels also did something similar, allowing players to transfer their upgrades and unlockable items over to a new game once they had beaten the main story.

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In 2023, games like Callisto Protocol (itself a Dead Space spiritual successor), were released without a New Game Plus mode. While this has since been resolved, with that game adding the mode in a recent patch, some fans may worry that the Dead Space remake may not launch with a New Game Plus mode. Here’s what we know.

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You can carry all your guns and upgrades over to a second playthrough with NG+.

Does the Dead Space remake have NG+?

The Dead Space remake devs have confirmed that the game will indeed feature New Game Plus mode once players beat the game – just like the original did.

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After the credits roll, players will be invited to save their game, either overwriting their previous save or creating a new one. Should they load this file, the game will restart, but this time players will have access to all their guns, RIGs, and upgrades. This will save them the trouble of needing to unlock/upgrade everything a second time.

It will also give players the chance to upgrade any guns they may have neglected during their first run. Not only that, but now that players will have an upgraded RIG and more powerful guns, they can upgrade the difficulty to make the game more of a challenge.

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It’s worth pointing out that players will still need to upgrade their security clearance level again, as this is connected to the game’s story and does not carry over to NG+ in the Dead Space remake.

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