Dead Space voice actors for all characters: Full cast

Dead space voice castElectronic Arts

The Dead Space remake has a lot more dialogue than the original, thanks to a certain engineer having a voice this time. Here’s the whole Dead Space voice cast.

While the sequels mixed it up somewhat, the original Dead Space was largely a game where the voiceless Isaac Clarke was sent to different parts of the ship to fix various things. He did so while suffering from visions of his missing girlfriend and battling hordes of mutated Necromorphs. This time, however, the Dead Space remake has a full voice cast – including Isaac.

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Below, we’ll detail every character in the Dead Space remake as well as the voice actor who plays them. We’ll also give you a brief bit of information on who they are, without spoilers, of course. So, here’s who’s about to be stranded in Dead Space while mutated Necromorphs stalk them across a derelict mining vessel.

Dead space reviewElectronic Arts
Isaac Clarke’s nightmare is about to begin again.

Dead Space voice cast

The following actors portray the roles listed below in the Dead Space remake:

Isaac Clarke (Gunner Wright)

Isaac Clarke is the protagonist of Dead Space, its remake, and the original game’s sequels. Isaac is an engineer sent to fix the mining vessel, Ishimura after the ship reports multiple problems. However, by the time Isaac and his team arrive the ship has turned into a nightmare. In the original Dead Space, Isaac had no dialogue and was a silent protagonist, although the sequels changed this and fleshed him out more. In the remake, Isaac is now a fully voiced character, portrayed by Gunner Wright.

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Nicole Brennan (Tanya Clarke)

Nicole is Isaac’s girlfriend, a doctor stationed on the Ishimura. When the ship sends a distress signal, Isaac volunteers so he can visit Nicole who he’s not seen in six months. Isaac spends much of Dead Space repairing the ship and searching for Nicole, finding her various voice memos where she discusses their relationship, details the run-up to the Necromorph outbreak – and something much darker.

Zach Hammond (Anthony Alabi)

Hammond is Isaac’s commanding officer and the leader of the team of engineers. All Hammond wants to do is repair the Ishimura, rescue any survivors he can, and get his team to safety. However, he has a deep mistrust of Kendra. In the remake, Hammond is played by Anthony Alabi.

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Isaac ClarkeElectronic Arts
Isaac will be fully voiced this time around.

Kendra Daniels (Brigitte Kali Canales)

Kendra is the engineering team’s computer hacker, tasked with helping Isaac get the Ishimura’s systems back online. She has a tense and cold relationship with Hammond, who’s been digging into her background, but gets on well with Isaac.

Dr. Challus Mercer (Faran Tahir)

Dr. Mercer is Nicole’s boss and lead doctor onboard the Ishimura who often undermines her and her medical opinions. Mercer is also a devout Unitologist, a new religion that worships the Markers, ancient artifacts left behind by an alien civilization. He also places his religion above his role as a doctor, leading to further tension between himself and Nicole.

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