How to change suits in Dead Space: Upgrading your RIG

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There are several outfits available in the Dead Space remake, here’s how to change and upgrade your rig while dodging Necromorphs on the Ishimura.

While Isaac Clarke’s default costume in Dead Space has become an iconic symbol of sci-fi survival horror, it is possible to equip different RIGs throughout the course of EA’s remake. Some of these alternate costumes are pre-order or deluxe edition bonuses, but the opening hour of the Dead Space remake isn’t clear about when you can equip them.

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While each of the additional suits in Dead Space is purely cosmetic, offering no in-game bonuses, they look incredibly cool and really add to the already creepy atmosphere. The good news is your RIGs can be upgraded, which does help bolster your defense and other stats. Below, we’ll explain how to change suits in Dead Space and how to also upgrade your RIG to increase your chances of survival.

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Isaac’s default RIG can be upgraded several times.

How to change suits in Dead Space

If you’ve bought a version of Dead Space with extra suits you may be wondering how to equip them and see what they look like in-game. You’ll be unable to choose what suit you wear at the start of the game or in the menus, so you’ll need to begin the game wearing Isaac’s default RIG at first.

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Continue to play through the opening portion of the game, after a while you’ll arrive at a Store where all your pre-order/edition bonuses are kept. From here, you’ll be able to try on each of your outfits until you settle on whichever one you’d like to wear to face the dangers of Dead Space. You can also change suits anytime you visit another Store throughout the course of the game if you fancy a change of look.

Remember, the suits are purely cosmetic and none offer any in-game benefits or additional defense.

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Isaac’s RIG also works as armor and a space suit.

How to upgrade your RIG in Dead Space

Upgrading your RIG (suit) in Dead Space is the only way to increase your Health and other attributes such as Oxygen, Stasis, and more. Remember, it doesn’t matter which suit you’re wearing when you upgrade your RIG. No matter the skin, the RIG upgrade will be shared across each suit.

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You can upgrade your RIG by purchasing Nodes from the Store for 10,000 credits, or by discovering them around the ship. You can then bring these Nodes to a Bench and spend them on Health, Oxygen, or Stasis upgrades. This also applies to any weapons you have in your arsenal, these are also upgraded using Nodes.

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You’ll sometimes discover schematics dotted around the Isuimura that let you upgrade your weapons and RIG in a more meaningful way. This is especially true when it comes to the RIG, as each schematic lets you upgrade the whole thing to the next version, rather than simply upgrading one attribute.

Remember, when you upgrade your RIG from a schematic, Isaac will emerge wearing his default costume once again. So, you’ll then need to change to your preferred costume after the upgrade has taken place. Your RIG upgrades will still be reflected across all costumes, so don’t worry that upgrading one will neglect another.

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