What is Closing Shift? Terrifying stalker game goes viral on TikTok

Closing Shift simulator gameChilla’s Arts

The horror simulator game ‘Closing Shift’ has made its way to TikTok and is going viral on the app for its unsettling vibes.

Viral content is the name of the game at TikTok, an app where videos consisting of even the most obscure products can become the next best thing.

With more users joining the platform and sharing their interests based in fields of all kinds, it seems content goes viral every other day at this point.

Closing Shift, a horror simulation game, is just the latest example of TikTok’s viral capabilities, and it has taken the app by storm.

Closing Shift Chilla Arts
Chilla’s Arts is known for their horror simulator games but Closing Shift is another level.

What is Closing Shift?

Closing Shift is a simulator horror game by Chilla’s Art that was released on March 19, 2022.

Closing Shift is a first-person POV-based game that follows a young barista working at Chilla’s Coffee.

Working late at the coffee-bean establishment, the protagonist is faced with the daunting task of closing up for the night, only to be met with a dreadful stalker.

Throughout your shift, you’ll learn more information about this mysterious stalker, which invokes a constant state of fear and paranoia in the player. The game features a ton of jump scares that take advantage of the anxiety-inducing atmosphere.

And because of this, specifically, the game has gone viral on TikTok.

Closing Shift goes viral on TikTok

Posted to the video-based platform by user MadMorph on April 14, 2022, the uploaded video gave his followers an explanation on what the game is and why they need to play it.

As of April 20, 2022, the video managed to rack up 538.4K likes, 4,757 comments, and 5,916 shares.

Some followers offered their insights on the indie game, noting its creepiness as a reason they want to try it out, saying: “Most REALISTIC GAME YET, especially being an ex-Starbucks barista. I need to play this game now!”

While another person, full of fear yet somehow intrigued, remarked: “It reminds me of my last shift that I had LMFAO anyways; yes, I’m glad I found this because I want this now.”

While Chilla’s Arts is a relatively low-profile game dev, it’ll be interesting to see how Closing Shift’s viral impact on their business decisions going forward.