Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt Bloody Roots Quest: All item locations

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Bloodhunt Bloody Roots location guide

Vampire: The Masquerade’s battle royale, Bloodhunt, focuses largely on destroying your enemies in a brawl to the death, but it also has some side-quests like Bloody Roots, where you’ll have to find a statue, painting, and network sniffer. 

To introduce some of that original Vampire: The Masquerade spice into the title’s battle royale, Bloodhunt, developer Sharkmob has added the Bloody Roots side-quest, which requires you to obtain items for the Elysium’s residents.

Custos, Kirill, and Maia may seem like your average NPCs, but these powerful bloodsuckers have several missions for you to undertake as you pop heads and suck mortals dry on the rainy streets of Prague.

So, in order to complete Bloodhunt’s Bloody Roots (Part 1,) here are the locations of the statue, painting, and network sniffer.


Bloodhunt Maia Toreador Primogem
Maia, the Primogem of the Toreador Clan, has a few requests for you.

Bloodhunt Bloody Roots: Prerequisites

Importantly, you’ll need to play a few games before the quest items start to appear, so tear through some solo games if you want to start the quest quickly. Quest items will then be denoted by an orange triangle on your map – but only if you’re close to them.

Additionally, the items can be collected by other vampires, so be sure to make these your top priority if you want an easy 3,000 XP.

Considering this is Part 1 of the Bloody Roots questline, we’ll likely see a few more chapters in this series. Be sure to check back once we know more about these.

Bloodhunt Bloody Roots: Statue Location

In order to start the Bloody Roots quest, you’ll need to approach Custos, Elysium’s overseer. He can be found directly in front of the spawn area behind a curved desk.

He’ll ask you to acquire a statue for Kirill, the Brujah Primogem. Said statue is “of a man he knew and admired,” making it a gift with “special meaning:”

  1. Spawn between the Parking Garage and Rooftop Restaurant, on the Rooftop side of the building in the middle (see below.)
  2. The Statue is located in Aurum Antiques.
  3. Enter the store, and the item is on a wooden coffee table.
  4. Return to Elysium and present the statue to Kirill. 
bloodhunt bloody roots statue location on map
Anywhere in this general area gives you the perfect launch point to search for Kirill’s statue.

Bloodhunt Bloody Roots: Painting Location

Once you’ve presented the Brujah boss with his statue, he will then set you the second part of the Bloody Roots quest. This is to procure an artwork for Maia, the Toreador queen, which Kirill wants you to give to her as “a gift.”

As you can imagine, the painting is located in the Art Gallery, so that’s where you’ll want to spawn next.

  1. Spawn at the Art Gallery. 
  2. Get yourself inside.
  3. The Painting can be found on the walkway (see below.)
  4. Return to Elysium and present your prize to Maia.
Bloodhunt Art Gallery painting location
The Painting will be sitting in the middle of the marble walkway.

Bloodhunt Bloody Roots: Network Sniffer location

While Kirill and Custos are in a particularly giving mood, Maia isn’t of the same mindset. She needs the player to procure her a Network Sniffer from the electrical store in Prague’s “old town” district.

You won’t need to go into the store this time, so thankfully you won’t need to worry about a collection of other players camping in there with their fangs primed.

  1. Spawn to the left of Divine Disco, near the building diagonally opposite the Shopping Arcade. 
  2. The electrical store, Elektro Expert, is situated in the back alley between this building and the next.
  3. The Network Sniffer is on the ground outside the store (see below.)
  4. Return it to Maia to receive the Lazarus player icon upon completion.
Bloodhunt Bloody Roots electronics store network sniffer location
Be sure to snatch this item before your fellow creatures of the night do!

So that’s it for how to complete Bloodhunt’s Bloody Roots quest and earn the Lazarus Player Icon! If you’re looking to tame the night, however, be sure to check out our Bloodhunt guides:
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