Bloodhunt has a hacker problem, and it’s not even been out for a week


Despite Vampire: The Masquerade’s battle royale, Bloodhunt, only being open for Early Access since September 7, it already has a massive issue with hackers. 

When it comes to hackers in FPS titles, no game is safe. From Blizzard’s Overwatch to Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone, rule breakers plague the games like locust.

A similar fate has befallen Sharkmob’s new vampire battle royale, Bloodhunt. A spinoff of the popular Vampire: The Masquerade series, the horror survival adventure has only been available in Early Access form since September 7 – less than a week from the time of writing.

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However, just like it’s BR predecessors, the hackers are back and are irritating innocent players left, right and center.

Bloodhunt one player diablarizing anotherSharkmob
Bloodhunt is having the life choked out of it by hackers – and it’s barely a week old.

Bloodhunt hackers are ruining games

Sharkmob has admitted to several different issues with their current anti-cheat, but it appears that there’s a lot more than they anticipated.

The official Bloodhunt subreddit is dominated by players complaining that they’ve encountered cheaters in their games. This is made even worse by the fact that there’s no way to report Bloodhunt hackers at this time.

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“I am sorry, but there are way too many people using hacks,” states one angry player. “Between the people sniping at the top of the sky, the fully invisible people shooting, and what I can only assume is everything else that usually comes with that, I cannot.”

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Another post echoes this, detailing their encounter with a cheater and writing “I did some searching around and people on hacker forums are already sharing SDKs, bone IDs, etc… Plus there are already multiple paid cheats available.

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“I get that it’s early access at this point and anti-cheat is coming,” they continue, “but… I hope they don’t make us wait long. I guarantee that hackers will very quickly become a problem if the anti-cheat isn’t activated.”

As the game continues to progress through its early access stages, we hope that the devs will implement a new and improved anti-cheat. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than dying all the time while you try to live your vampire fantasy.

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