Valheim player perfectly recreates Diablo’s Old Tristram

Diablo Tristram in ValhiemBlizzard Entertainment, Iron Gate Studios

Both Old and New Tristram have become iconic parts of the Diablo franchise and one player has flawlessly recreated the former in Valheim.

Despite all of the hell that Diablo’s iconic Tristram goes through, the town consistently manages to rise from the ashes (literally) and regrow into some form of its former self. The jumping off point for the both the Diablo I and Diablo III stories, it’s etched itself into Diablo history.

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While it’s assumed that the town will make some kind of appearance in Diablo IV, the highly anticipated sequel, one fan has decided they couldn’t wait until 2022 to see Tristram reborn.

So, they’ve decided to jump into Valheim’s Norse themed open world universe to rebuild the iconic town once more.

Fan recreates Tristram in Valheim

Diablo I Tristram MapBlizzard Entertainment
Tristam is one of Diablo’s most unfortunate towns.

Renowned for letting fans unleash their creative juices, Valheim has provided Racnuslock the perfect foundations from which to resurrect Old Tristram.

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As seen in a series of screenshots, Old Tristram’s iconic nexus with its fountain marking the center is recreated in incredible detail. Everything from the stony pathway that frames the structure to the surrounding trees and buildings are perfectly reconstructed.

The stonework in every building matches the medieval atmosphere that Diablo is set in, and the dark, dreary feel captured in the photos replicates the horror style vibe of the original game.

Where this mod shines, however, is the Cathedral. The site of many an unfortunate event, it lurks on the horizon overlooking the town.

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Diablo fans love this Valheim mod

With a whole host of fans jumping into the comments, it’s pretty clear that Diablo players are loving this blast from the past.

Prising the creation as ‘awesome,” “incredible” and “really neat,” this Valheim Tristram mod has become a hit.

Hopefully it survives a little longer in Valheim than it did in Diablo, but at the end of the day Tristram never gives up. It keeps on coming back, so maybe it’s Valheim that needs to worry. After all, here there be monsters.

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