Untamed Isles is the Pokemon MMO players have always wanted

untamed isles screenshot with logo header imagePhat Loot Studios

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the development team over at Phat Loot Studios has fully announced its monster-taming MMO, Untamed Isles.

The monster-taming genre has no shortage of video games, with series like Digimon, Monster Hunter Stories, and of course Pokemon providing great experiences.

However, few have tried to turn the monster-taming genre into an MMO where players can capture and battle monsters together online.

Now, Phat Loot Studios is attempting to do just that with its new MMORPG Untamed Isles, which plans to release in Early Access on Steam later this year.

Untamed Isles is a monster-taming MMORPG

untamed isles combat screenshotPhat Loot Studios
Untamed Isles allows players to explore vast open worlds teeming with monsters to capture and battle with.

Phat Loot Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign for Untamed Isles on August 26, 2021, which fans funded in a little over a week.

According to Phat Loot, the game aims to break the standard conventions of the genre by “launching with over one million visually and tactically unique monsters.”

The team achieved this by starting with ten different base species of ‘tames,’ which each tame’s head, legs, torso, and tail being “randomly mixed to create a variety of combinations.”

The team spurred randomization by assigning each tame one of 15 mood types upon capture, which affects the color and combat style of the monster.

Untamed Isles’ combat features a “Rock/Paper/Scissors style” where Defense beats Attack, Attack beats Utility, and Utility beats Defense.

In terms of exploration, Isles will apparently have unique weather systems, dungeons, PvP areas, and even professions to choose from.

Though Untamed Isles isn’t the first monster-taming MMO, with Temtem making waves when it launched on January 21, 2020, it looks as though Untamed Isles will be just as ambitious.

Players interested can wishlist the game on Steam, as well as keep an eye on Phat Loot Studios YouTube channel for more information as the game aims to launch in Early Access later this year.