Twitch streamer makes big mistake on Black Ops 2 by checking ‘COD TV’

an image of black ops 2 cod tvActivision, Twitch: Stryxo

Twitch streamer Stryxo received a pretty big shock while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, after the game’s COD TV feature revealed some particularly crude content.

It doesn’t feel like a minute since Black Ops 2 hit consoles and PC back in 2012. Often referred to as a high point for Activision’s long-running FPS franchise, Black Ops 2 is still going strong.

However, as the franchise has moved on exponentially since 2012, the current state of the game is rife with bizarre glitches and hijacked servers. While most of the game’s hacks and mods can be seen as harmless fun, some are far more explicit.

Content creator Jose ‘Strxyo’ Gonzales recently found this out the hard way, after revisiting the in-game feature ‘COD TV’.

Twitch streamer Stryxo accidentally discovers unusual COD TV content

During his September 11 Twitch livestream, Stryxo opted to dive back into Black Ops 2 and unearth what remains of the decade-old title. COD TV used to be a content-sharing hub for other players, often highlighting amazing clips and more.

In 2022, COD TV is looking considerably different. While scrolling through the in-game menu, Stryxo said “what do you think COD TV has been up to? How we doing?”

After some brief buffering on COD TV’s menu, the streamer was greeted by the likes of some in-your-face sexual content.

an image of black ops 2 cod tvTwitch: Stryxo, Activision
The results on COD TV weren’t exactly what the streamer expected.

It took the streamer a fair few seconds to release what happened, as it seemed he was hit with an instant shock. All Stryxo could say was “oh my god” as they laughed away the embarrassing moment.

Despite the awkward blunder, Stryxo hasn’t made any specific mention of the moment on social media. Twitch hasn’t taken any official action on his account either, though this could change in the near future.