Twitch streamer Esfandtv cosplays Summit1g and it’s actually quite scary

Esfand TV Summit1gTwitch: summit1g, Twitter: EsfandTV

Former CS:GO pro Jared ‘summit1g’ Lazar has become a Twitch icon, so much so that WoW Classic streamer Esfandtv has decided to cosplay him… and the results are terrifying. 

When it comes to everything FPS, summit1g has become one of the go-to streamers to watch. The former CS:GO pro’s Twitch journey has cemented him as one of the platform’s most popular streamers.

His focus at the moment is on GTA RP, which has exploded onto the Twitch scene with a bang. Choosing to dedicate his stream to the NoPixel server full time, it’s pretty clear that he’s enjoying himself.

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Inspired by Summit’s venture into GTA RP, Esfand decided to do some roleplay of his own, appearing on stream as the popular personality.

EsfandTV “cosplays” as summit1g

Summit1g looking at his monitorSummit1g, YouTube
Summit’s iconic style has become a hit with fans everywhere.

A clip of the Texan WoW streamer has caught the attention of gamers everywhere, mainly because he looks identical to summit.

Seen pulling his iconic hair back and donning a snapback, he looks into the camera to give viewers a close up. EsfandTV could easily be mistaken for the Twitch titan, and if that snapback had featured the Legend of Zelda’s Triforce, the likeness would truly have been uncanny.

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Summit reacts to Esfand clip

While the reaction in Twitch chat is a gold mine in itself, the man of the hour also tweeted out about this impromptu “cosplay.” Jokingly summit asked with Esfand was “using his shaving footage” on stream.

In response, Esfand responds that he “ran out of content,” and therefore decided that a celebrity cameo may be the best way to garner some attention.

The situation is pretty hilarious, as the two streamers are very different and, yet, are the exact same. It’s great to see some fun back and forth, as well as streamers experimenting with some fun new content.

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Will we see the real summit make a guest appearance on Esfand’s stream? Perhaps we will, but until then we’ll have to make do with summit2g!

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