Summit1g explains why he’s dedicating his Twitch stream to GTA RP full-time

Summit1g looking at his camera with a GTA characterTwitch: Summit1G/Rockstar

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has explained why he’s sticking with GTA RP as his main game, given that the NoPixel devs have a lot more up their sleeves. 

With GTA RP returning to popularity on Twitch, a number of high-profile streamers have dived into the world of NoPixel alongside some longtime roleplayers.

Some, like Summit1g, HasanAbi, and Lirik have had a better time with things than others, staying out of trouble and constantly singing the praises of the role-playing mod.

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The NoPixel development team have already added some pretty interesting features to the game, with more still to come. As a result, Summit is sticking around this time instead of moving on to other games as he has in the past.

Summit1g, TwitchTwitch: Summit1G
Summit continues to make his mark on GTA RP with his Charles Johnson persona.

Summit1g is sticking with NoPixel

During his March 19 stream, the leader of the 1G squad was alerted to the fact that the NoPixel devs have got more bank jobs, heists, and criminal activities for him and his team to tackle in the future.

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“Sounds fun man. I’m excited for all the unlocks that are going to happen in the city and I’m excited for the shit that comes along with it,” Summit responded. “It’s going to be fun times dude. That’s why I’m strapped in. I don’t want myself to burn out, I want to strap in a little bit and see what happens.

“This is a unique time in a very small, unique thing of a game. I don’t think that’s completely understood, what we’re going through right now. This doesn’t happen. You don’t go through this with normal devs, right? And it’s like, if I don’t go through this, I’ll never have experienced along the ride. So, I’m trying to make it so I don’t burn myself out and I go along with this ride.”

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Put simply, Summit wants to see what the world of NoPixel 3.0 has in store once the devs are able to flesh everything out.

They’ve already brought back his favorite pastime, racing, with some substantial upgrades. So, there’s plenty to look forward to as time rolls on.

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