GTA RP streamers are being attacked by random planes and it’s hilarious

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GTA RP is filled with plenty of weird and wacky moments, but these Twitch streamers got more than they bargained for on their boat trip. 

GTA Online’s NoPixel server enables players to roleplay specific scenarios and live out their fantasies online. The sheer amount of freedom has led to some incredibly hilarious moments, especially when streamers react to the game’s stranger occurrences.

Whether it’s Summit1g playing hide and seek with police or xQc getting involved in the latest GTA drama, there’s always something going on in the world of RP.  

Even Dr. Disrespect has commented on how it’s “addicting to watch,” with fans hoping he’ll soon dive into the action. While robberies and murder are commonplace in the NoPixel server, some of the funniest moments are when random NPCs act out. This is exactly what happened when Biotoxz_ was ambushed by a random plane. 

The Twitch streamer and his gang were peacefully riding down a river, happily chatting away amongst themselves, when suddenly a plane came crashing out of the sky. Not only did the collision promptly cause both the jet skis and boat in front of Biotoxz_ to blow up, it seemingly sent the chat into mayhem. 

What followed was a mixture of shock and manic laughter as the streamer and his crew tried to work out what had just happened. “Oh my god! What!?” cried Biotoxz_ as he surveyed the destruction. 

Quite why the plane happened to come crashing down into the river remains to be seen, but it appears this isn’t the first time this strange event has occurred. 

In fact, a similar situation spooked xQc when he was followed by a helicopter after a failed theft. There’s certainly never a dull moment in GTA RP and we’re sure to see more strange NPC-related events in the future.