Sifu controls guide and how to remap your controller

Sam Comrie
Controls guide for Sifu

Sifu’s huge arsenal of Kung-Fu moves will leave your enemies cowering, but mastering the art is no easy feat. Here’s our controls guide so you can make sure you’re prepared for battle. 

Sloclap’s Sifu isn’t just your average brawler, it’s a complex martial arts battler which requires trial and error for you to reach perfection. It might feel easy at first, but it’s hard to master especially as you run into some seriously intimidating bosses.

While the game presents a default control scheme to learn with precision, there are ways to make that journey easier. We’re going to make that happen with our controls guide.


Sifu gameplay
Sifu has plenty of Kung-Fu moves to master.

How to access the Controls List in Sifu

Sifu throws players into the battle with some guidance, but the rest of your Kung-Fu knowledge is down to you to perfect. There are multiple combinations to learn within Sifu, and you can look at them directly through the Controls List.

To access the Controls List, simply pause the game and head over to the Controls section on the menu. This will display every combo within Sifu, as well as other useful tricks for blocking and parrying incoming attacks. As Sifu doesn’t display your inputs on-screen at any time, this is useful for keeping yourself refreshed with more complex moves. However, if you’re not completely satisfied with Sloclap’s default settings for combat, you can customize Sifu’s controls for yourself.

How to remap the controls in Sifu

If you’d prefer to customize Sifu’s controls for your own specific inputs, then you can do so through the controls list. To do this you’ll need to:

  • Head over to the Options section on the Pause Menu.
  • Enter the Remapping section.
  • Change the control scheme preset to ‘Custom’.
  • From here you can fine-tune Sifu’s control scheme to your liking, which may offer an advantage for you in combat.
An image of Sifu's remapping screen.
Sifu is a game where using every tool available is vital.

How to practice the controls in Sifu

Sifu offers players the chance to hone their Kung-Fu skills, outside of the dangerous levels it contains. If you fancy refining your reflexes and combos, head to the Wuguan and approach the wooden Wing Chun dummy to access Sifu’s training mode.

You’ll be able to set the A.I’s performance to ‘Passive’ or ‘Aggressive’, with the latter enabling the A.I to engage you in combat. This is an excellent way to practice dodges, parries, and combos without suffering any tangible consequences.

Sifu's training mode
Sifu’s training mode is great for buffing your knowledge of the controls.

Make sure to check out Sifu’s controls and training mode to master your attacks. You can beat the game with our guides:

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