Rockstar fuel Bully 2 rumors as classic logo makes return

A screenshot of the game Bully by Rockstar Games.Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games have players across the world on tenterhooks as the fabled developer continues to tease a possible Bully sequel. Now, an unexpected change on their official website is adding fuel to the rumors. 

Legions of players are hoping to see Rockstar Games debut absolutely anything confirming GTA 6, but another one of their franchises may be next for a revival.

After supposedly backing out of The Game Awards, the revered developers have implemented a subtle change to their website that has players excited.

Bully protagonist Jimmy next to a logo for Bully 2Rockstar Games
A sequel to Bully (Canis Canem Edit) has been rumored for years but never came to fruition.

Classic era logo returns to Rockstar’s website

Throwing it back to the days of 2005, Rockstar Games appear to be teasing fans with an addition to their website. Spotted by Redditor u/RemarkableDesigner84, the crest bearing the iconic Rockstar logo is from the original E3 showcase where Bully was debuted.

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“I found this on Google images, they used this logo in 2005 at e3,” an eagle-eyed player pointed out. With the end of 2021 approaching, other players are hopeful Rockstar Games will deliver a teaser: “Rockstar did post a ‘Christmas’ Trailer for bully back in 2006.”

With the release of the GTA Definitive Edition remasters in November, some players think a similar project could be in the works: “I want a remake, no remastered bs like they did with the Trilogy.”

Rockstar Games have been known to change aspects of their branding ahead of reveals, with Red Dead Redemption 2 standing out for its vibrant red banners and posters.

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It follows years of speculation around a Bully remake or sequel, but little concrete information has become available.

What better way to wait for GTA 6 than with another visit to Bullworth Academy.