Warzone Festive Fervor change would be a perfect permanent Gulag overhaul

Warzone PAcific Gulag with logoActivision

Upcoming limited-time changes to Warzone’s Gulag – part of the Festive Fervor event sweeping across Caldera – have been posited as the perfect permanent overhaul to the 1v1 mode. 

When Warzone first dropped in March of 2020, fans were instantly enamored with the game’s Gulag – a small prison environment in which players were dropped after being eliminated. They then enter a 1v1 to the death, with the winner being transported back into the game, while the loser is left to hope their teammates accumulate the necessary funds to buy them back.

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It has evolved since then, with plenty of different Gulag environments released for players to fight in. We saw a new Pacific-themed Gulag drop with Caldera, but players have decided an upcoming Festive Fervor change would be perfect for the long run.

call of duty warzone pacific calderaActivision
Caldera brought much new content to Warzone, including a new Gulag.

As it currently stands, Warzone players only get one Gulag per game – when they are first eliminated. Their second elimination sees them forced into spectating teammates or, in Solos, sent back to the lobby.

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However, a Festive Fervor change coming from Raven on Christmas Day, called Endless Cheer, allows players to continue spawning back in as long as they win their Gulags.

In theory, a player dying 3 or 4 times could continue to redeem their own respawning by winning their Gulags. Yellowtoblerone said: “Personally I would like to see Endless [Cheer] in regular BR as a mechanic. Maybe it’ll encourage less campy play later on in the game.”

It’s certainly true that unlimited Gulags might alter play-styles in late-game scenarios. However, some players will likely be concerned by the idea that opponents can die multiple times in one match, without consequences (assuming they win their Gulags).

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It’s up to Raven to make any changes permanent but, when it comes to Endless Cheer, we wouldn’t mind seeing it become permanent in Warzone Pacific.