New Hogwarts Legacy gameplay reveals classes, combat & side quests

hogwarts legacy potions class headerPortkey Games / WB Games

Hogwarts Legacy’s extended gameplay showcase revealed new details surrounding elements like classes, side quests, customization, and more.

Hogwarts Legacy’s reveal back in 2020 shocked fans of the wizarding world as the franchise’s first AAA open-world RPG.

Since its reveal two years ago developer Avalanche Software has shown off plenty of brief snippets of gameplay, including combat, exploration, and broomstick flying.

Now, Avalanche has finally showcased an extended look at gameplay, including a breakdown of the combat system, how classes will work, and much more.


Character creator

hogwarts legacy character creator screenshotPortkey Games / WB Games
Hogwarts Legacy’s character creator offers gender-neutral customization options.

The gameplay showcase — hosted by key members of the staff alongside content creator James Whitehead of XpectoGO — started with an in-depth look into the game’s character creator.

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The character creator featured an abundance of different preset characters to choose from, along with five different tabs with detailed customization options for things like hairstyle, facial features, and skin tone.

Additionally, the showcase subtly confirmed its ‘trans-inclusive’ customization options, with two distinct voice options, a voice pitch changer, and the option to simply choose between ‘witch’ or ‘wizard.’


The next major thing Avalanche broke down with the gameplay showcase was the game’s combat system.

In and out of combat, characters have access to a variety of spells. In fact, players can unlock and use over 20 combat spells alongside different “essential spells.”

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Essential spells are mapped to the D-pad on console and include spells that help players progress through the main story or help with gameplay elements like exploration.

hogwarts legacy dueling screenshotPortkey Games / WB Games
Hogwarts Legacy offers over 20 different combat skills for players to unlock and use.

As for combat, students can equip for different spells to the HUD’s spell diamond. By holding R2 on console, players can press one of four face buttons to use the corresponding spell in combat.

Additionally, Game Director Alan Tew confirmed that players can eventually unlock four different spell diamonds, which means students can cast up to 16 spells in combat at once.

Classes, sidequests, and more

Finally, the showcase reveals a bit more interesting information surrounding collectibles, sidequests, and what it will be like going to class.

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According to Tew, Avalanche decided “not to go the [simulation] route.” Classes will mainly be “narrative-based,” meaning each of the game’s chapters will have certain missions that players can choose to complete, and “classes fit within that structure.”

Essentially, there will be classes that players have to do to progress the narrative, but various side missions also offer the opportunity to take part in different classes as well. Tew also claimed that attending class will “provide all of your major tools throughout the gameplay.”

hogwarts legacy sidequest menuPortkey Games / WB Games

Notable side quests will also be attached to certain classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions. Furthering these class-oriented questlines will help players get to know each of the various professors who will each have “bespoke events and moments” in their dedicated questline.

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The showcase also briefly touched on the different types of challenges and collectibles players can complete during gameplay. By using the Revelio charm, players can unlock hidden bits of lore throughout Hogwarts for the Field Guide.

The Field Guide is the avenue through which players further challenges, quests, and collections. For example, opening the ‘Challenges’ section of the field guide lets players see their progress in areas like ‘Combat,’ ‘Quests,’ Exploration,’ and more.

The full 46-minute showcase is jam-packed with details surrounding Hogwarts castle and much more. Eager students looking forward to what Hogwarts Legacy has to offer should be sure to watch the full video for even more details.

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