Hogwarts Legacy reportedly has “trans-inclusive” character customization

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

According to a brand-new report, the upcoming Wizarding World-set RPG Hogwarts Legacy will include “trans-inclusive” character customization, allowing players to choose how they want their witch or wizard to look and speak. 

If you’ve been wondering how much you’ll be able to customize your characters in Hogwarts Legacy, then there’s finally an answer – and it’s a bit of a pleasant surprise.

According to notable industry insider Jason Schreier, the upcoming RPG will include a slew of customization options for your character, including some that he described as “trans-inclusive” in a tweet.

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The report, posted to Bloomberg, reveals that players will not only be able to choose whether they want to be addressed as a “witch or “wizard,” but will also be able to customize how their character sounds and looks, regardless of gender, giving them the ability the make their character as they see fit.

Unfortunately, that’s where the details on the customization ends, so it’s unclear just how much you’ll be able to go beyond that when it comes to your customizable characters, although the aforementioned details are certainly a good sign.

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According to the report, the confirmation of these options came after developers for the game were upset by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling’s infamous transphobic comments, which were lambasted by fans. They apparently pushed to make the game “as inclusive as possible.”

This pushback from the devs shouldn’t be all that surprising; The game’s FAQ page famously has an entire section dedicated to the fact that Rowling is not directly working on the game, and that it only uses the world that she created, which is clearly meant to distance Hogwarts Legacy from the author.

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Public reception to the game has been overall mixed; While some fans are excited by what the game has to offer, others are still upset and hurt by Rowling’s comments, so much so that some are saying they won’t purchase or play the game because of it.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently set to be released in 2022, after it was delayed from its previous 2021 release date back in January of that same year. There’s currently no exact date for the game as of the time of this writing, but it will be available on both current-gen and next-gen consoles, as well as PC.

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