Hogwarts Legacy confirms players can use 16 different combat spells at once

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During the extended gameplay showcase, Avalanche Software confirmed that there are up to 20 usable combat spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

WB Games and developer Avalanche Software first revealed the Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy in 2020, and fans have learned a lot about the game since.

Avalanche showcased bits and pieces of gameplay, which included small clips of the game’s snappy and dynamic combat system.

Now, a recent extended gameplay showcase has finally given fans an in-depth look at how combat will work in Hogwarts Legacy and confirmed there are over 20 usable combat spells to use.

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Hogwarts Legacy breaks down combat system

Thanks to the 45-minute-long gameplay showcase, Avalanche revealed some key details about Hogwarts Legacy’s combat system.

Notably, fans can expect to use over 20 different combat spells in the game, with the ability to slot up to 16 spells to use together during fights.

During the event, the development team officially revealed the game’s HUD, which included a spell list in the shape of a diamond mapped to four different buttons. The first four spells included Accio, Wingardium Leviosa, Lumos, and possibly Diffindo, the Severing Charm.

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Players can use a basic attacking spell by tapping the R2 button console, but holding R2 allows them to use four different spells at one time.

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It’s unclear how changing spells during combat will work, but the Game’s Director Alan Tew confirmed players can unlock “up to four different spell diamonds” over the course of the game.

Additionally, each equipped spell has a set cooldown, meaning students can’t spam or solely rely on one spell during combat.

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As for defense in combat, both enemies and the player character will have access to defensive charms like Protego. To protect from oncoming spells, players can press the Triangle button on PS5 at the right time to deflect oncoming spells, while spells like Accio can break through certain types of enemy shields.

Finally, outside of combat, Tew confirmed that Hogwarts students will also learn a variety of non-combat spells — referred to as “Essential Spells” — which will be useful in specific contexts like exploration, story missions, or sidequests.

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Though fans were only able to see a few spells in action, the ability to use 16 combat spells at once should definitely make combat in Hogwarts Legacy quite dynamic.

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