NBA 2K23 fans are losing it over MyPlayer teams ignoring wide open players

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NBA 2K23 requires teamwork to be successful, unfortunately, it appears some teammates in MyPlayer didn’t get that memo.

NBA 2K23 players don’t hold back from calling others out. Community members roasted the “worst MyPlayer build ever” and blasted someone for bringing their gaming setup to Mcdonald’s. However, Nothing stirs up more controversy than MyPlayer.

The game mode relies heavily on microtransactions, forcing a segment of the community to consider “revolting.” It takes well over $100 worth of 2K23’s in-game currency to build a powerful build, and even good stats don’t always result in success.

Players are becoming increasingly frustrated with MyPlayer teams refusing to pass, even if it’s the right decision.

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NBA 2K23 players call out bad teammates in MyPlayer

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NBA 2K23 players have roasted MyPlayer’s monetization system.

Reddit user Pikachuteeth posted a video showing evidence of players in MyPlayer ignoring wide-open teammates.

The irritated player stated, “these are the squads and players we complain about. It’s not about I want the ball every time, it’s about squads intentionally icing people out for zero reasons.”

One player responded, “I think I speak for most when I say that these clips can show you what randoms go through on a daily basis when being teamed up with squads.”

Another user added, “I hate it, man. I stopped playing online on 2k in like 2k18 or 19. This s**t happens every game.”

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A third player offered a solution. “2K needs to invent a way to penalize players that do this. They should be able to tell when a player’s teammate is wide open. If you don’t pass to him, get a “Wrong pass” indicator.”

Whatever the developers decide, players made it clear they have had enough of ball-hogging plaguing MyPlayer games.