NBA 2K23 MyPlayer roasted for having the “worst build ever”

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An NBA 2K23 MyPlayer build was roasted by the community for being the “most horrible build” fans have ever seen.

NBA 2K23, like all the NBA 2K games preceding it, is choc full of players attempting to find the best build possible for their MyPlayer characters.

With so many possibilities available, and different archetypes to try out, hoop fans go extremely deep each year on their journey to min-max their players to get the best performances on the court.

However, one user has been put on full blast for their bizarre build that caught the attention of tons of 2K23 fans.

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NBA 2K23 player’s “awful” MyPlayer build roasted

User Fantastic-Ad9431 uploaded a picture to the NBA 2K Reddit of what they believed was the most horrible build I’ve ever seen in the park.”

The picture is of a 6’6″ Sharpshooting Shot Creator Point Guard, whose lack of defense/rebounding and physical skills genuinely alarmed players.

Although the players shooting and playmaking attributes were decent, their unbelievably low speed and acceleration, paired with the nearly zero attributes in the entire defense/rebounding category, left players shook.

Users in the comment section sounded off on the build. One 2K player said, “This the dude that will say the game is trash because it’s slow, and you need an inhaler puff after two moves.”

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Another claimed they somehow had seen an even worse build, “I’ve seen worse. Saw a 6’1″ Point Guartd the other day that had maxed out all of his finishing and shooting attributes, but then ran out of points not very far into playmaking so he just stopped and said ‘I guess that’s good then.'”

With so many content creators for NBA 2K23 out there, there are tons of outlets for players to be able to find an archetype they like and follow a guide. Clearly, they ignored every guide out there and went head-first into putting their attributes on the board.

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