Michael Reeves trolls LilyPichu with hilarious photo on It Takes Two

Lilypichu and Michael It Takes TwoYouTube: Stella Chu

It Takes Two has become the newest co-op game for streamers to sink their teeth into, and one of Twitch’s favorite couples, Michael Reeves and LilyPichu, have been having a riot in-game.

From the moment of its release, It Takes Two has become one of Twitch’s most popular titles. The co-op game is perfect for testing everything from your brainpower to your relationship, making it perfect for the on-stream experience.

Dexerto was offered a preview of the title and learned several lessons along the way, but it seems like streamer couple extraordinaire LilyPichu and Michael are taking some very different messages away from the game.

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Especially when it comes to taking in-game photos during the second level.

Michael trolls LilyPichu in It Takes Two

It Takes Two preview wasp hive DexertoHazelight Studios
As you traverse the backyard tree, you encounter everything from killer wasps to a photobooth.

As they run around the inside of Cody and May’s resident garden tree, the dynamic duo discover the game’s now-iconic photo booth.

Rushing to get into position and strike the best pose before the time runs out, Lily positions May leaning back against the tree.

Michael then moves to stand on top of her as Cody and t-bag, and the result looks… interesting.

Lily bursts into fits of laughter as they examine the resulting photograph, not helped by May loudly proclaiming “that’s pretty good!”

The two pretty quickly dissolve into fits of laughter, with the chat also going wild and laughing alongside them.

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It’s adorable to see how the game brings the two of them together, just as it was designed to – although we doubt the developers had this exact scenario in mind. It Takes Two is all about sorting Cody and May’s relationship, so it’s nice to see real-life relationships blossom alongside it.

Although, just wait until they get to the part with the plushie Queen Elephant. That’s quite the test.